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February Energy Trends

Note from the Council of Light: Positioning
Divine TransmissionsThis is Thoth, with the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The purpose of which is to provide an energetic transmission to buoy your system (if you choose to receive it) to be positioned in the most efficient and expansive energy streams for you. As you move through life there are millions of possibilities and streams of energies that you could choose from, yet this energy capsule is supporting you in being positioned to access those optimal experiences, synchronicities, people, opportunities for you based on your free will, conscious choice and unique signature energy.
     This topic of positioning is one we speak about in The Council of Light book and is a part of the Divine Light Activation benefits (which you can read more about below). We have chosen to speak about it in February, 2017 because the energy trends of this month are very much about positioning and repositioning. You may have been noticing things moving around. Maybe you have been moving into a new home, or out of an old relationship or that you have a sense of being positioned (by you as the Creator of your life, this doesn’t happen to you) for a greater possibility.
     We would invite you to tune into the energy capsule that we are placing on the altar for you to pick up if you choose. The choice to pick up the energy capsule is one that amplifies your signature energy, your soul’s light and your Divine Light Mission. Informing the universe with your unique energy blueprint positions you to co-create with those people, places and opportunities that are optimal for your evolution. Another way of saying this is that this choice to amplify your optimal positioning to be in the space of that which is the highest expression of your incarnation based on the development of your soul, is a fast tracking one that has everything that isn’t uniquely you or yours to be in a different dimension than you are. Now this doesn’t mean that you still won’t be aware of what is happening that isn’t yours to be, do and have, yet it will mean that you will be more focused on what is.
     This is a bit like how some will talk about the difference between moving away from something you don’t want and moving towards what it is that you do desire. Positioning, in the way we are speaking about it here, is really based on positioning you in the energy streams that are based on your unique Divine design to be accessing. Meaning customized for you. So, you can be moving towards what the deepest desires of your soul are and be less distracted by what isn’t. Now there isn’t any right or wrong. You can be in energy streams that may not be the most efficient or expansive for your evolution, yet you still expand from them. So, this is a choice.
     Are you choosing to access this capsule of positioning to be in the energy location of that which is optimal for you or not? If your response is yes, then take a few moments to breathe that yes in and allow some space for the integration of that shift…[Pause]
    As we are bringing this transmission to a place of completion we would invite you to begin to be even more aware of the synchronicities in your life. For this positioning transmission expands the optimal positioning of your energy streams with those optimal people, places and opportunities.
All is Well and You Are All,
Thoth and the Council of Light
P.S.  Everything in your life has led you to this moment and has had purpose. That you are reading this is not a coincidence. Perhaps it is what your higher self and soul has left for you to find at this time. You are on a grand treasure hunt and we are available to walk with you on that path to discover your inner treasures, magic and purpose within, so you can share it with those that you meet along the path.
P.P.S. What are you positioned to be all in with in 2017? There is a unique opportunity available right now to join Divine Light Activation in May (in person or bi-locate) and be positioned for Quantum Light Practitioner Program in June.
Is this what your soul has been leading you to? Applications being accepted until February 15.

What vibrations and frequencies do you require?

dh31This is Thoth with the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. The subject of which is evolutionary light technologies, which are coming onto the Earth Star to expanding universal consciousness. By evolutionary light technologies we mean ways of being that are based in frequency and light that nurture your system in a customized way that catalyzes your expansion.
What you required vibrationally before 2012 is different than what you require now. We would invite you to pause for a few moments to bask in the frequencies that are being transmitted that are bespoke (customized) for you…{pause}
What would it be like to be tapping into the exact frequencies and vibrations that will support you in all ways and always?
What have you been asking for and calling forth that is now available to you?
As we complete this divine transmission we would invite you to tune into your awareness. Are there any vibrations and frequencies and evolutionary light technologies that are broadcasted in this newsletter that your system has been asking for? As you tune into each offering that has been placed on the altar of the 50-yard line what do you sense?

A Journey for Your Soul

MultidimensionalHello dear one, it is I Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are delighted to be inter-dimensionally communicating with you through this transmission. We invite you to tune into the energy in and through and around the words as this transmission is scribed Multidimensional Being to Multidimensional Being.
   As the Earth Star continues to shift in her evolutionary process, you are also undergoing rapid choice points for your own evolution. These choice points seem to be coming and going in an accelerated rate for the liberation of choosing instantaneously. As this conversation about you as a Multidimensional Being and Being Multidimensional continues we would speak a bit more about what it is that we are pointing to with accelerated choice points. As you have been continuing on your journey of evolution it is one that may seem as if you reach a place where you bump up against a ceiling of time, energy, or capacity. This can feel as if your current reality is stretching you beyond the capacity you have to keep up with it. You may call this overwhelm, or respond to it by either going into hyper-doing mode or disconnecting and disengaging and avoiding what you may be called to be, do and have.
  This every day example is a call to move into your Multidimensional Being. For as you are a Multidimensional Being you can utilize a wider bandwidth of energy and frequency to move throughout your incarnation on the Earth Star. As a Multidimensional Being you are not limited by time and space. You are not limited by only what you can process on a physical, emotional or mental level. For you are actually vibrating as Source consciousness and as such have access to a bandwidth of infinite possibilities that then serve you from the level of wholeness. As you move out of fragmenting yourself, or what we like to call separation consciousness, into Multidimensional Being or Divine wholeness then you can be vibrating with the totality of you.
  Some speak of this as shifting from 3-D living to 5-D living. We like to speak of this as including all the dimensional access points back into wholeness. This way you are operating simultaneously in the 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th….33rd dimension and beyond depending on your optimal Multidimensional Beingness. As we speak about accelerated choice points what we are referring to is the evolution from logical construction of reality based on pros and cons for example, to moving at the speed of light in a vibrational awareness of what is yours to be, do and have. If you deliberate (which is still an option) around a choice then it may be that the choice that was originally accessed is no longer the same as the one that you are contemplating. Another way of expressing this is that you stop sorting your life experiences by what you don’t want to have or what you are pushing away and start sorting your life experiences based on what is relevant to your Multidimensional Being.
  We are coming towards a place of completion with this transmission and we would invite you to, if you are called, read it again and this time to read it out loud. As you complete the second round of this transmission invite your inner compass to be set from the true north of your Multidimensional Being if that is a choice point you are choosing. We are delighted to be interacting with you this way through Divine Transmissions. We are placing Multidimensional France, a journey for your Multidimensional Being on the altar of the 50-Yard line for you to vibe out. This journey is such that we will be engaging on the multidimensional planes and is a launching pad to living from the illuminated love and light bodies. Perhaps it is not yours, to be and do and have at this time and perhaps it is exactly what you have been calling into being to expand your multidimensional communication capacities.
All is well and you are all,
Thoth and the Council of Light

How do you keep support out?

Divine Transmissions

It is I Thoth and Sanat Kamara, a member of the galactic council of light, that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. As you are aware of, this time on earth is one in which there is a revolutionary awakening that is occurring. This awakening is one in which you are reaping that which you have sowed in previous incarnations. As such it is a time in which there is ample support available to you, including the support of your soul and multidimensional self as well as the support of Light Beings such as ourselves.

Year of the Divine You

dh3What if 2016 was the year you lived as your Divinely Multidimensional and Infinite Self?

What if this newsletter was a vibrational reminder you left for yourself to find to amplify your divine light codes?

Just as the Chinese calendar has the year of the horse or the year of the monkey, Divine Transmissions is dedicating this year to be the year of the Divine, the Divine YOU. The energy qualities of the year of the Divine are extraordinary, infinite, intuitive perception, creator, multidimensional communication and magic (to name a few).

Divining Your Life

dh7This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, the purpose of which is to share energy and consciousness to invite you to play with your capacity to Divine your life. Divination is an aspect of your infinite nature that is awakening even further at this extraordinary time in consciousness. When you Divine your life, you utilize your intuitive perception, your multidimensional awareness to follow energy themes and steams and make your decisions. Divination is often associated with Tarot or reading signs, yet we are speaking of you being the tarot deck, the divination rod, the Diviner.

Divine It

dh24 Alex GreyCalling pilgrims, adepts, scribes, artists, intuitives, energy and consciousness diviners, spiritual evolutionists who are lovers of Source, nature, power places, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Thoth, the Hathors and unity consciousness for an extraordinary journey of a lifetime(s).

  • Explore the sacred sites of France infused with Tablets of Light from Isis, Mary Magdalene, The Venus Ray, The Council of Light and many other mystery school traditions.
  • Utilize and hone your capacity of divining/divination (intuitive perception) to receive personal and universal love infusions from the power places.

5-Day Unity Consciousness Gift of You

This is Thoth with the Council of Light and the Magic Academy Faculty of Light Beings that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are gathering in response to your asking, in response to your calling.

The universe is expanding rapidly and has reached a critical flow of assimilating consciousness. As such there is a luminous field of light that is awakening on earth and within those that are choosing to awaken this luminous light, also known as the Divine body. The illusion that you are separate from Source is outdated, the choice to live without access to all of your multi-dimensionality is one in which many are choosing to renounce.

DLA phone

Danielle here, as I have been in multi-dimensional communication with Thoth and the Council of Light, exploring the question “how can I best contribute in 2016?” what consistently came through is Divine Activations.

Some of you may remember in 2011, when I was offering Divine Birthright Activation (an in-person program held over 5 days, which included 20, 90 minute activations) that this was an offering I had been leading up to for lifetimes. Now 4 years later, Thoth and the Council of Light have asked me to offer Divine Light Activation, an offering on par with Divine Birthright Activation and customized to support greater ease with the evolution in consciousness.

It includes a 22-Sequence of activations that go through an in-depth recalibration of the human brilliant system to its divine origin, offered directly from Thoth and the Council of Light as divinely transmitted by me.  
If you’d like to find out more about it please go here.   As I approach 2016 I look forward to sharing full out what is mine to be, do and have with those of you that it is yours to be, do and have. Nothing more and nothing less!

Interested in the Divine Light Activation sequence yet don’t want to come to France? 
NOW AVAILABLE via a 6 month program via phone.