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Divine Transmissions

December Energy Trends


A Note from Thoth and the Council of Light

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are extending great appreciation and acknowledgment for your contribution to the evolution of consciousness. We are placing on the altar, two energetic transmissions to contribute to you creating a wonderful month of December and positioning yourself for an off the charts 2018. The first is a video transmission below, which includes information about Decembers energy trends and a Sound Bath to enhance joy and bliss in your life.  

June Energy Trends

This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission.

As you are entering into the month of June in the year 2017 there is an amplification of energies that are supporting your physical form and actualization. For you are a Divine Site and as such your system has been evolving to embody more of the light and energy that you associate with your soul or your higher self.

Origin Source Codes

This is Thoth with the Divine Light Activation Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are building an energy container that is the launching pad for the next Divine Light Activation sequence of Beings of Light who gather together in France May 3-13, 2017 (or bi-locate from home). For this is the 4th time that the Divine Light Activation full 22 sequence is being co-created. Each one has had a unique purpose and contribution to the individuals who have gathered for them and those that will gather for this one and also for the Earth Star and the Multiverse.

Structures and Vessels

light bodyChapter One

Structures and Vessels: The Skeleton and Juice of your Business Vortex

We the Divine would like to start this first chapter of this sacred text, for it is an energetic journey that we are providing here, one that unlocks within your genetic make up your divinity codes for success. As you are reading allow all of your sensations so you are entraining to the deeper vibrational calling that is embedded in this text which is sacred union with self and Divine. You are the Divine and in this new era of consciousness you are able to tap into all that is in alignment with your divinity, including your birthrights of abundance, intuition and purpose.

Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth

Danielle thoth imageDo you have a soul centered business or are you feeling guided to create one? Would you like to receive direct mentoring (complimentary) with me Thoth and the Council of Beings of Light to amplify your results in your business?

If so, click here to fill out the questionnaire to apply for a makeover or upleveling of your current business or a lightning activation to bring your business idea into fruition.
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Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth
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Soul Genealogy

This is the Council of Light that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission to discuss soul genealogy, the origin and lineage of your soul. You are familiar with your ancestral lineage and have most likely become aware of patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. You have explored how your childhood is impacting your adulthood and how you share traits from your family members such as eye color or hair color.


The Council of Light brings in The Emerald Ray~The YOU RAY to support you in accessing more units of consciousness of you. As well as discusses what Being You Full Out includes (your multidimensional Divine Self and including all of you even the parts you may not like).

Enjoy this powerful introduction to the Free Be You Event February 7-10Register here —> http://divinetransmissions.com/be-you-full-out/

The Emerald Ray~The You Ray


This is The Council of Light that is moving to the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are a group of intergalactic light beings that have gathered to enhance joy and therefore your health, wealth and happiness (if that is your choice). Some of the tools that we offer to enhance joy are the Rays of Light. The Emerald Ray is the Ray of Light that is equivalent to the You Ray. Meaning that you can utilize the Emerald Ray to support you in being you and only you. It may seem odd to think that it is possible to not be you for who else could you be. Yet what is meant by being you and only you is also including in your you-ness your infinite nature, your divine being-ness and your wholeness. Including all of you.

Are you a Spiritual Leader in Hiding?

I know I was and that’s why over the last few years my business has really focused on supporting women spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, metaphysical practitioners, writers, soul-centered beings to prosperously share their purpose unencumbered by fear, shame, doubt or worry.
The reason I am so passionate about this is twofold. One because this has been my personal journey ~ shifting from absolute terror and shame around visibly sharing my gifts-to now doing so with confidence, joy and abundance. Plus, my soul’s journey, gifts and talents include being able to support others to resolve this problem
Two, I know too many talented and gifted spiritual light-workers, intuitives, healers that have an awesome contribution to share, yet are stopped by their fear, doubt, the collective unconscious and residual energetic past life patterns. Often times these spiritual women (and some men) are over-giving, under-earning and can’t afford to continue to offer their gifts. Holding back, hesitating, procrastinating, overwhelm, powerlessness are just a few of the faces this inner tension takes. Yet underneath it all is the deep longing to live the Divine Light you are by sharing your soul’s purpose fully.
Is this ringing any bells? Here is a laser Divine Transmission to free up some of the stored energy and power that is masquerading as fear so you can unbridle the leader in hiding that resides within you.