Divine TransmissionsDivine TransmissionsDivine Transmissions

Structures and Vessels

light bodyChapter One

Structures and Vessels: The Skeleton and Juice of your Business Vortex

We the Divine would like to start this first chapter of this sacred text, for it is an energetic journey that we are providing here, one that unlocks within your genetic make up your divinity codes for success. As you are reading allow all of your sensations so you are entraining to the deeper vibrational calling that is embedded in this text which is sacred union with self and Divine. You are the Divine and in this new era of consciousness you are able to tap into all that is in alignment with your divinity, including your birthrights of abundance, intuition and purpose.

Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth

Danielle thoth imageDo you have a soul centered business or are you feeling guided to create one? Would you like to receive direct mentoring (complimentary) with me Thoth and the Council of Beings of Light to amplify your results in your business?

If so, click here to fill out the questionnaire to apply for a makeover or upleveling of your current business or a lightning activation to bring your business idea into fruition.
If you and your business are chosen we will provide direct 1:1 mentorship with you on the upcoming call:
Ignite Your Business with Mentoring from Thoth
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What vibrations and frequencies do you require?

dh31This is Thoth with the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. The subject of which is evolutionary light technologies, which are coming onto the Earth Star to expanding universal consciousness. By evolutionary light technologies we mean ways of being that are based in frequency and light that nurture your system in a customized way that catalyzes your expansion.
What you required vibrationally before 2012 is different than what you require now. We would invite you to pause for a few moments to bask in the frequencies that are being transmitted that are bespoke (customized) for you…{pause}
What would it be like to be tapping into the exact frequencies and vibrations that will support you in all ways and always?
What have you been asking for and calling forth that is now available to you?
As we complete this divine transmission we would invite you to tune into your awareness. Are there any vibrations and frequencies and evolutionary light technologies that are broadcasted in this newsletter that your system has been asking for? As you tune into each offering that has been placed on the altar of the 50-yard line what do you sense?

Council Of Light Video Transmission

Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle Rama Hoffman was introduced to the Council of Light–an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into Unity Consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires.

Guided Meditation: Tablet of Light to Illuminate Your Essence

unity consciousness

This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, joined by the Golden Star Gate and Metatron. As the Earth Star awakens her light and love bodies the vibration of multidimensionality becomes more accessible. Transporting Earth into communion with other galaxies, pockets of consciousness and luminous light. As a result, vibrations that previously cancelled one another out, can now exist in the same atmosphere. This transmission is dedicated to accessing a Tablet of Light that resides in France that was brought there in a previous lifetime where Danielle guided those to travel to France from off planet through their light bodies carrying consciousness.

The Light Technology of Bi-Location

Multidimensional bilocate

This is Thoth and the Intergalactic Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are celebrating many shifts in consciousness that are happening on the Earth Star at this time. One of which is a shift from being bound to the finite experience of self as body, mind, emotions connected to a linear time and space to experiencing self as multidimensional.

I am in LOVE

Divine Light ActivationI am in love with the Being of Light that got co-midwifed in May called the Divine Light Activation. This 22 activation evolutionary sequence, a pathway to reclaiming being a Being of Light Incarnate, is rocking my universe (in a good way). I love each and every one of the activations that got birthed and as I connect with them as a whole, I am riding a wave of consciousness that is leaving me humbly in awe.
I’ve experienced and created a LOT of cool stuff in my life and Divine Light Activation has quickly risen to my top 5 list in this incarnation so far. As I continue my love affair with the Divine Light Activation sequence I am called to go deeper, to get to know each individual activation and the entire sequence even more intimately.
I am deeply appreciative to the 4 beings who traveled to France (3 in person and 1 bi-located from home) for the part of the sequence that they contributed that allowed these activations to be unlocked. This Being of Light, DLA, loves to co-create, move and play. To be combined in different orders for different perceived dis-orders and from what I sense is a vast opus of consciousness.
I have been guided to dedicate the 2nd half of 2016 to continuing to give birth and co-midwife the next evolutionary cycle of the Divine Light Activation sequence and have another Divine Light Activation scheduled in September 2016. I am putting out the call for Divine Partners, cosmic playmates and co-creators of the next evolution of DLA to step forward and share your contribution. Is answering Yes to this call yours to be, do and have or not?
There are two ways to partner for the Divine Light Activation in September, by coming to France in person or through bi-location, joining energetically from the comfort of your home. The next group of 4 beings that come to France (in person or through bi-location) are midwives of consciousness and have a role to play in the larger evolution consciousness. The charge/Divine Light Mission for this second wave of Divine Light Activators is to take the sequence further and more deeply and in particular consecrate each of the activations as Temples of Light in France. To consecrate 22 Beings of Light incarnate, as Temples of Light.
Are you feeling called to contribute your part of the sequence to this 22 Divine Light Activation sequence and get in on the love and light of this consciousness? Now is the time to apply as September is just around the corner and registration will close mid July. Go here to find out more and download details about the journey and how you can apply.
Check out what the Divine Light Activation Team of Light Beings have to say about September’s Divine Light Activation in the below invitation that they’ve placed on the altar of the heart of equanimity.

What Beings of Light have to say about Divine Light Activation

Dear Being of Light Incarnate awaiting to be fully activated,

We, the Divine Light ActivationTeam of Light Beings, are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission to place a very special invitation on the altar of the heart for you to tune into. This invitation is to be a part of the larger evolution in consciousness, to contribute on the level of your Divine Light Mission and to co-create directly with us to reactivate the rest of your incarnation to be coming from you being the Being of Light that you are.

Power of Decisions


The power of our free will and our capacity to make decisions truly has a quantum impact on our quality of life. Being confused, second guessing and doubting oneself can be an energy drain.

I know for myself when I truly mastered the art of making decisions my income quadrupled, I got a lot more done and I was happier. I used to think about things for 2 years before implementing them. And I also would think about every possible option in any situation and would spin my wheels lying in bed at night. It was exhausting.

power of receiving

power of receiving

Before reading this, please take three deep breaths and focus on the inhalation, receiving the breath…

Did you know that your body has the capacity to receive in a way that is completely automatic? It receives oxygen, it receives nourishment, it receives sound and information all of the time.

That in fact your brilliant system is designed for you to receive and the power of receiving is a skill that enhances all areas of your life. Simply remembering how to receive, can increase your annual income significantly. It can increase your daily happiness, as well as your health. Really receiving is a powerful secret to generating the life you would like.