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womensunsethomepageistockHave you ever had the feeling that your life has become too small to fit the person you have become? Almost like trying to wear a coat that is a size too small? This is a feeling I often experience when I return from a journey to Egypt. I have evolved so much that when I return home, I have outgrown my ‘old’ life.

Benefits of The Temples of Light

Temples of Light: increase your abundance consciousness-money, health, love & joy.

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Enjoy these short excerpts from The Temples of Light


Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 3 Abydos

“The raising of the Djed initiation dismembers the limiting consciousness of playing small, or hiding, and reestablishes your right relationship with the vastness of who you are; it allows you to live your large self and occupy your entire territory. Working with Djed awakens dormant power within you and not only raises the vibration of your physical form to ascend into higher realms of consciousness, but also makes you aware that you are receiving and transmitting consciousness at multiple levels. This is a huge step on the ascension ladder of consciousness; it utilizes your ability to receive and transmit information from the higher realms of consciousness and infinite wisdom available within each moment.”

Review of The Temples of Light by Wayne Hurlbert

Wayne Hurlbert shares his review for The Temples of Light –

“For me, the power of the book is Danielle Rama Hoffman’s gentle guidance for the novice initiate along the voyage to self discovery. The author shares her own journey, but more importantly, delves deeply into the importance of taking each step along that road to self awareness. The course is for the reader, and the path is that of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, and their relevance to personal understanding in the modern world.” 

Read more of this review here http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com/2009/12/temples-of-light-by-danielle-rama.html

The Temples of Light Special Promotion

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Take a quick peak inside at the table of contents. This book is overflowing with meditations, rituals and exercises to support your happiness, health, prosperity and inner peace.

Today is my first blog post regarding my new book

I am happy to announce that my new book The Temples of Light is being published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. this fall. One of my greatest loves is Egypt and her sacred sites and I am a strong believer in travel that transforms. Now through this book you can take an initiatory journey through the Temples of Egypt without leaving home.

Some of the concepts covered in the book include Spirituality, Intuition, Health, Law of Attraction, Enlightenment, Shift in consciousness from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, Isis, Egyptian Msyteries  and more. Please check back often for more details about this exciting new book.