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THE Harmonizer: Energy Support Program

Are you ready to complete your unresolved issues?
Would you like to align your life with your purpose and desires?

If your answer is yes, I want to tell you about a program that is truly unprecedented. I was guided to create an energy support program called THE HARMONIZER, and I am thrilled to share the results people have experienced. 

“After years of being in debt I was debt free within the first 90 days in the Harmonizer and am still out of debt a year later and counting.” Sahaj, Kent WA

Awaken Intuition and Inner Guidance

The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools by Danielle Rama Hoffman.

The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen Temples in Egypt. Each sacred site provides ancient wisdom to assist the modern day pilgrim with everyday topics such as love, purpose, money and health. The consciousness of each Temple is invoked and experienced directly through ritual, guided meditation and self-initiation, which will assist you in opening your heart and manifesting your essence.

The Heart-Teachings shared by each temple provide the initiate with new information on ways to thrive during this transformational time as the Earth’s vibration accelerates and we move from the Piscean age, which fosters separation to the Aquarian age of love. Each temple acts as a portal into higher dimensional realms of awareness and awakening while providing tangible exercises and results in your life.

The Temples of Light demonstrates ways to access your inner guidance, your innate intelligence and your intuition, which are all qualities of the Aquarian Age.

Excerpted from The Temples of Light Introduction

“Through the initiations in this book you will open your five senses: eyes (including your third eye, or inner vision); ears (including clairaudience—your ability to hear spirit and the voices of wisdom); olfactory senses (smell); touch (your ability to feel spirit and the subtle realms); and taste; as well as your sixth sense of inner knowing (your ability to have knowledge without having had to learn something or prove it to yourself, you simply know). Egyptian mystery schools also taught the ability to align with consciousness—to form a direct relationship with consciousness so that you can go from a state of not knowing to knowing. The initiate learned how to open psychic doors and tap into higher states of awareness, awakening innate abilities such as healing, renewal, raising consciousness, and magic…”

Flex & Flow: Tips to Navigate the ever-unfolding NOW!

More than ever we are encouraged to live in the NOW!  Yet how do we incorporate NOW consciousness in situations where advanced planning seems to be required?  And how do we align with the gift of the present when everything is accelerating and rapidly changing? 

Enjoy benefits of an Egypt Sojourn from Home



HOLOGRAPHIC EGYPT: The benefits of taking a spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt are many. People on our tours have created profound physical healing, connected deeply to spirit, opened their psychic and healing abilities, fell in love with themselves, boosted their self-esteem and confidence, lost weight, changed their careers, expanded their gifts and talents, opened their heart, created deep and meaningful relationships and much more.  Regardless of the specific benefits received, each participant came home a different person then when they left and universally felt more like their true and expanded selves.

There is more to be had in what you already have

Part of the shift in consciousness that is occurring on the earth plane is restoring right relationship to that which has been out of balance.  With this re-harmonizing there is an invitation to return to enjoying what is, rather than a continual focus on what could be.

There is much more to be had in what you already have.  This includes your current relationships, work, home and finances.

  • How can you become more conscious and present with what you already have?
  • What would happen if you shifted your attention from trying to acquire more and new and better to getting a deeper level of fulfillment out of what is already in your life?

A Reunion of Souls-Egypt Tour Feb 16-Mar 2, 2011


Stonehenge Solstice

As we journey through life we have the joyous opportunity to connect with vital people/souls along the way. Synchronistic experiences seem to guide us to one another like a beacon of light guides a boat in from a storm. At this particular time there is quite a bit of reorganizing happening in order to be positioned ‘at the right place at the right time’. Have you noticed the people in your life and/or yourself shifting core aspects like work, home and relationships? Does it seem like more people are moving, or ending or beginning something important?

Exponential Growth/New Business Name

womensunsethomepageistockHave you ever had the feeling that your life has become too small to fit the person you have become? Almost like trying to wear a coat that is a size too small? This is a feeling I often experience when I return from a journey to Egypt. I have evolved so much that when I return home, I have outgrown my ‘old’ life.

Benefits of The Temples of Light

Temples of Light: increase your abundance consciousness-money, health, love & joy.

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Enjoy these short excerpts from The Temples of Light


Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 3 Abydos

“The raising of the Djed initiation dismembers the limiting consciousness of playing small, or hiding, and reestablishes your right relationship with the vastness of who you are; it allows you to live your large self and occupy your entire territory. Working with Djed awakens dormant power within you and not only raises the vibration of your physical form to ascend into higher realms of consciousness, but also makes you aware that you are receiving and transmitting consciousness at multiple levels. This is a huge step on the ascension ladder of consciousness; it utilizes your ability to receive and transmit information from the higher realms of consciousness and infinite wisdom available within each moment.”

Review of The Temples of Light by Wayne Hurlbert

Wayne Hurlbert shares his review for The Temples of Light –

“For me, the power of the book is Danielle Rama Hoffman’s gentle guidance for the novice initiate along the voyage to self discovery. The author shares her own journey, but more importantly, delves deeply into the importance of taking each step along that road to self awareness. The course is for the reader, and the path is that of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, and their relevance to personal understanding in the modern world.” 

Read more of this review here http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com/2009/12/temples-of-light-by-danielle-rama.html