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Benefits of The Temples of Light

Temples of Light: increase your abundance consciousness-money, health, love & joy.

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Enjoy these short excerpts from The Temples of Light


Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 3 Abydos

“The raising of the Djed initiation dismembers the limiting consciousness of playing small, or hiding, and reestablishes your right relationship with the vastness of who you are; it allows you to live your large self and occupy your entire territory. Working with Djed awakens dormant power within you and not only raises the vibration of your physical form to ascend into higher realms of consciousness, but also makes you aware that you are receiving and transmitting consciousness at multiple levels. This is a huge step on the ascension ladder of consciousness; it utilizes your ability to receive and transmit information from the higher realms of consciousness and infinite wisdom available within each moment.”


Emotional Freedom

Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 13 St. Catherine’s Star Gate

“There is a notion that outside circumstances need to be exactly perfect in order for there to be peace and joy. It’s not true, and even apparently “perfect” outside circumstances are no guarantee of peace or happiness. But you can choose to be at peace even if you are cold, hungry, sad, poor, stressed, or lonely. You can be overweight and still be peaceful, and you can be peaceful even if you don’t know why you are here. You can always be at peace and lead a life of peace. This is the true gift of St. Catherine’s. Please ask to be open to receive it.”


Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 7 Kom Ombo

“This is also true of different kinds of nourishment, such as money. There are many beliefs overlaid onto money, but at its base money is simply divine energy. As you work with the energy of Kom Ombo, you can restore money to what it has always been. You can neutralize your overlay onto money and absorb it back into wholeness, so that it can just be what it is. Money. Divine energy. When everything moves in alignment with its original optimal frequency, you can experience it without any overlays, it its truest divine form.”

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