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How are you with Money?

Are you in a state of peace with Money?

Do you have the full money experience you would like?

Your full money experience includes the amount of money you would like to have as well as how you are being with money and the type of connection you have with it.

Being at choice with money as you and money as money is essential to your Money freedom. Often times you are operating from so many old patterns when it comes to money that you aren’t really being you with money. You may have also overlaid negative energies upon money that money isn’t really money, yet rather some conglomerations of projections and distortions and negative emotions.

The Money Meridians course is designed to be a place in which you become you more fully and you allow money to be money and therefore you and money create a deeper connection with one another.

If money has been an area of stress, worry, tension, fear, guilt or shame then you may feel a great relief in making a different choice with money.

Where is it that you are using money to stop you from being you?

What if you made a different choice? How would that change your life?

Money Meridians Taster: BE YOU WITH MONEY

Call upon the energy of you. To do this simply take some deep breaths and bring your awareness into your belly. You can begin to pump your belly by bringing it towards the spine and then relaxing it. As you do feel your connection to yourself build.

Now call upon the energy of Money. As you do, feel the energy of Money amplifying and the signature energy of Money expanding. Turn up the volume and brightness of this Money signature energy.

Now state aloud: “I am me. Money is money. I am me. Money is money. I am me and money is money. I am me and money is money.”

Now declare: “I am me with money.” And repeat this three times.

Then take a deep breath and notice your connection to yourself and to money. When you feel complete bring your awareness back to your normal waking consciousness. Knowing that you have greater choice to be you with money than previously.

Feeling called to be even more of you with money? Check out the Money Meridians program.

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