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You’re committed to your personal and spiritual growth and have overcome many obstacles and challenges. Yet there are some areas of your life that no matter what you’ve tried—and you’ve tried many things—you haven’t created permanent changes. You experience some type of lack (not enough money, energy, clarity…) and may be stuck in a negative emotion or pattern (fear, anxiety, confusion…). You are ready to move beyond separation consciousness (lack) into Unity Consciousness and be Re-Sourced!

Usually during this stage of consciousness you are ready to shift the overlays, distortions, limiting beliefs, separations and everything else that you perceive as stopping you from being you. You may have a lifetime of carrying beliefs from your family, or lifetimes of misinterpreted events, or patterns of people pleasing and approval seeking. You may have shut down your awareness of who it is that you are and what it is that you really want and have given away your power to outside sources.

Giving away your power and not being you is part of why everything that you have tried before—the oodles of sessions, seminars, books, affirmations, striving, changing jobs, relationships, etc.— hasn’t worked. Only you know what is best for you. Only you can create the life that you want. Only you can stop you from being as powerful as you actually are.

What changes everything at this stage of consciousness is where you are coming from. When you stop coming from lack, old consciousness and obligation and start coming from you everything changes. When you move into the energy of you and include or send back everything that isn’t uniquely you your energy and vibration shift. Your signature energy shines and that which you have been seeking is able to be in the same location as you.

Beyond being you is also remembering that you are a creator being, that in fact you created a perfect system to have exactly what you have right now. As such you have the power to change anything and everything. Re-connecting to the totality of you, the multidimensional you and getting Re-Sourced (this includes reconnecting to your Source/Divinity & also accessing re-sources ((money, energy, purpose))) is a beautiful stage of consciousness to be in.

Divine Transmissions has a variety of offerings available for this stage of consciousness. Each of which are based on shifting your energy by including back into the wholeness everything that isn’t you and amping up what is. 



“The Tablets of Light”

“The Council of Light”

Energy Support Program

Tablets of Light  Energy Support Program

“The Temples of Light”

Unity Consciousness Joy Camp

Consciousness on Demand

Temples of Light  Unity Consciousness Joy Camp Consciousness on Demand