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Be You Full Out Anchored in Unity Consciousness

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Dear One,

It is I, Thoth, that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, which is an invitation to explore A Year and a Day apprenticeship with me and other Ascended Masters including your self.  You are receiving this because you are on the forefront of change.

There is a desire within you to be the empowered, multi-dimensional, unique, creator being that you are in more and more moments of your life. You know that there has been a shift in consciousness and that the way you see the world is extraordinary. Your consciousness and spiritual awareness are a phenomenal contribution to the planet and the universe at this time.

This Year and a Day is one in which we will dive deeply into the subject of Unity Consciousness so that you can live from a place of unflappable joy, inner power and grace.

This offering is unique for it is about adding something to your life and through the adding of something (daily videos, monthly calls and 24/7 energy container) you are priming the pump of your energy to jump. To jump into the wholeness of you, to jump into the universal consciousness of you, to take a leap into Being You Full Out.

This journey is one in which we will not lead you through a process yet walk with you through a remembering that we will actualize together. You can imagine that I, Thoth am coming to your house every day for a private interaction, one that will feel as if it has been created just for you because it has been. What would this type of attention and energy and focus be worth to you?

What would you create from this interaction? What you will get out of our time is truly up to you, yet what we are promising you is that this formula of daily transmissions and energy support and monthly calls will create the future you have dreamed of.

We will provide information and meditations that will assist your system in disentangling itself from survival consciousness in order to be in a state of connection with you. This process of moving from one way of being into another requires not only a letting go yet also an awakening.

Therefore there are 3 stages of consciousness that the Academy supports: your capacity to choose to be the empowered creator being that you are anchored in unity consciousness (and therefore move beyond tribal and survival consciousness), disintegrating or unplugging of the old, and the awakening/becoming the new.

This Year and a Day Video course is a way that you can be steeped in the energies of the new era, have a vibrational journey into Unity Consciousness and give yourself the gift of your fully awakened and tuned in self.

Think of it as a gift to you, as a sojourn for you, as a pilgrimage in which you are journeying to your center. Here are some reasons we would recommend you join us if you are called.

  • In order to shift into a new state of being you need to un-anchor from the old
  • Having a consistent dose of high vibration supports your system to be in a high vibration
  • Being in direct connection with Source provides your system the awareness to reconnect to self as Source.
  • Life is magical
  • You are life

Take a few moments at this time and tune into your awareness of 2014 and what is possible…and then tune into the Magic Academy and your awareness of whether it is yours to partake in or not?

Are you choosing to join us and add to your life this next year?

Is this the invitation you left for yourself to find at this time?

Are you choosing to act upon your inner impulse to create the momentum that catapults you into another dimension of living?

As we are completing this invitation we would simply leave you with this, each day of this Year and a Day will be profound. We will show up potently and powerfully in every transmission, video and call. We are calling unique beings to join us to explore your uniqueness. What would you leave behind this year if you had a way to do it? What would you add to your life once you had the space to choose, connect and create? We are showing up full out 100% Divine Source Beings as an invitation for you to show up full out as a Divine Source Being.

This invitation is being extended to you from the place of infinite possibilities, love and divine partnership. In order to be in a new way of being there needs to be a bridge in which you move beyond being shown what to do to knowing what to do from the inside out.

Each initiation, transmission, meditation, exercise will be the process in which that which isn’t you is sloughed away and that which is moves forward. You are the light and the love of the world.

All is well and you are all. Ready to begin the most extraordinary journey of your life up until this point? We are and if you are, we’ll see you there.  Find out all about Thoth’s Magic Academy and register here. 

We delight in the evolution of you,

Thoth and the Divine Transmissions Council of Light Beings

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