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You’re extraordinary, a conscious being, a visionary, a leader & you’ve achieved & experienced amazing things.
You’re already thriving (financially, spiritually, &/or professionally), yet you know that you’ve been holding back. You have a dream you haven’t realized yet, a state of consciousness you haven’t embodied, an Opus to download or a legacy to generate. You are ready to Awaken Your Divine Genius—your brilliances, your Divine Design, your fully realized self—for the fun of it.

Usually during this stage of consciousness your have created success in areas of your life, perhaps you are expressing what you came here for and have written a book or started a business or generated financial wealth or have an amazing relationship. Yet you long for more, you require more, you know more is possible.

Perhaps you have an awareness that:

  • A body of work that really is your genius, your opus is within you waiting to be born.
  • You have been accessing 85% of your gifts and talents, yet that other 15% is beckoning to be utilized

The way you have been creating your success is based in striving, stress or compromising your personal life or connection to your Divine center.


Maybe you are spending a lot of time in areas of your life that aren’t your brilliances, your genius and you are curious what you would create if you were coming from your Divine self.

You are ready to experience the Divine and Unity Consciousness 100%, that all that you are being and doing is anchored in the universal truths you are almost living yet not totally.

Nothing is missing at this stage of the game, yet rather there is a desire to overflow in a direction that is beyond what you have experienced thus far.

You are ready to be a thought leader in your field, to be an innovator in the shift in consciousness, to have your positive presence on the planet vibrating beyond this incarnation.

At this stage of consciousness you don’t need another program, for really anything less than a space that calls you out into your Genius will do. Not something that is created for you, yet something that is created by you and with you, you require a partnership and one that goes deep, an In-Depth Divine Partnership.

Divine Transmissions partners with 5 clients a year at this level. At this stage of consciousness we would invite you to explore an In-Depth Partnering with the Divine and go ALL IN, Ante-up into this highly committed offering. You are a star seed with codes of consciousness that have not awakened yet and you know that this is the year that will make all the difference for the rest of your life. You are ready; you don’t need this Divine Partnering to get where you are going, yet you would choose it for the fun of it, the joy of it and to enhance your process with ease and grace.

Fill out the form below and lets get into a conversation about what we could co-create together.