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Awaken Intuition and Inner Guidance

The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools by Danielle Rama Hoffman.

The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen Temples in Egypt. Each sacred site provides ancient wisdom to assist the modern day pilgrim with everyday topics such as love, purpose, money and health. The consciousness of each Temple is invoked and experienced directly through ritual, guided meditation and self-initiation, which will assist you in opening your heart and manifesting your essence.

The Heart-Teachings shared by each temple provide the initiate with new information on ways to thrive during this transformational time as the Earth’s vibration accelerates and we move from the Piscean age, which fosters separation to the Aquarian age of love. Each temple acts as a portal into higher dimensional realms of awareness and awakening while providing tangible exercises and results in your life.

The Temples of Light demonstrates ways to access your inner guidance, your innate intelligence and your intuition, which are all qualities of the Aquarian Age.

Excerpted from The Temples of Light Introduction

“Through the initiations in this book you will open your five senses: eyes (including your third eye, or inner vision); ears (including clairaudience—your ability to hear spirit and the voices of wisdom); olfactory senses (smell); touch (your ability to feel spirit and the subtle realms); and taste; as well as your sixth sense of inner knowing (your ability to have knowledge without having had to learn something or prove it to yourself, you simply know). Egyptian mystery schools also taught the ability to align with consciousness—to form a direct relationship with consciousness so that you can go from a state of not knowing to knowing. The initiate learned how to open psychic doors and tap into higher states of awareness, awakening innate abilities such as healing, renewal, raising consciousness, and magic…”

Each temple offers heart-wisdom to assist you on your journey of becoming. By the end of the book you will have developed relationships with thirteen temples as allies, guides and helpers, and you can call upon them for support in various areas of your life. For example, you could call upon the temple of Karnak for self-acceptance and to access your soul’s purpose or upon the temple of St. Catherine’s for peace and serenity regardless of outside circumstances. The wisdom of the temple of Sakkara is available to enhance your understanding of the synchronicities in your life.

Excerpted from The Temples of Light Chapter 2 Sakkara

“In Part 2 of Sakkara you will receive the gift of symbology. Symbology is the ability to understand symbols and synchronicities in your life. It enables you to perceive information through light, sound, and sensation, and to symbolically understand hieroglyphs, sacred geometry, astrology, and other symbols in your everyday world. Your soul speaks to you through the symbols of your everyday existence. There are always clues and information, both internally and externally; in any moment you can receive inner guidance. You can quite literally look around your environment and see what message is there for you. Your current conditions provide you with information about your next steps, so you know where to go and what to do.”

Reading The Temples of Light will provide in an experiential and heart-expanding manner, practical tools to help you increase your intuition, joy, health, wealth and happiness.
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About the Author

Danielle Rama Hoffman has been a healer and teacher of metaphysics and the healing arts since 1994. She is a member of a lineage of Thoth and specializes in Egyptian Temple Mysteries, leads spiritual tours to Egypt’s sacred sites and offers an energy support program called the Harmonizer. She lives in Seattle, Washington. To find out more about the services Danielle offers go to www.divinetransmissions.com and www.egyptiscalling.com .

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