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August Energy Trends • Mary Magdalene Sacred Site

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission and we are delighted to be streaming into the energy and consciousness of this month’s energy trends together. For it is our Divine partnering that fosters even greater evolution in consciousness. Bring into your awareness all that has positioned you to be in this moment, in this conversation and in this incarnation. For the subject of August’s energy trends is being in a state of conscious choice that pivots awakening on all dimensions.
What is meant by conscious choice is a widening of your awareness of your capacity to choose and also the choices that are based on the level of your inner knowing or higher self. You are choosing all day, every day. What we would add to the context of each choice is the awareness that you are an eternal Being. That this lifetime is one of many and that this month is an opportunity to be aware of how the choices you are making now, overflow beyond time and space.
This is an invitation to create energy packages for yourself to find in other now moments, including this incarnation as well as 1000 years from now. What can you choose this month that will set up energy grids that will support you and the greater evolution in consciousness beyond this Earth Star lifetime.
August is a potent month and one in which you can utilize this potency to be connecting to other dimensions and light years from now to garner wisdom and expansiveness. Imagine yourself as an Ascended Master, a Being of Light that has chosen this incarnation to expand all incarnations. Tune into what is at the heart of your conscious choice. Tune into what you are expanding into…
In joy and with delight,
Thoth and the Council of Light
P.S. Choosing not to choose is a choice, what have you chosen not to choose that if you were to choose it would open up infinite possibilities?
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