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Are you overriding your soul’s guidance?

spiritual 2You are a divine light being, that is multidimensional. Your inner light and soul’s radiance is available to you as your compass to your purpose and experiences in this lifetime. Yet have you gotten into the habit of overriding what your divine nature is sharing with you? Perhaps you have been having a sense of impatience lately that you have pawned off on being too busy. Or maybe you have been craving play and relaxation yet your sense of responsibility has been squashing this inner message.

Regardless of whether you are hearing the sweet whispers from your soul that are calling you into something new or untapped as of yet or you have no idea of what your soul’s guidance is there is a chance that overriding it could be causing you unnecessary tension.

You are designed with an incredibly brilliant system that can tune into the subtlest of energies. Yet you may not be in tune with these messages, these inner cues. To begin to open up to the inner connection with your soul and more succinctly to be connected to your soul it is important to stop fighting yourself. Take a moment and look within is there something that you are fighting within yourself? Perhaps part of you is really calling you to take a break or a sabbatical and another part of you is pushing, pushing, pushing to pay the bills or create the next thing. Or maybe you really want to be writing a book right now yet you are so overwhelmed with other activities the space to connect to your inspiration is non-existent.

You have incarnated for a reason and this reason is evident from the perspective of your soul and your inner knowing. Taking time to slow down and to tune into what your system is sharing with you unleashes your infinite potential. What if 2014 required you to be moving in ways that were new to you? What if you were being asked from your soul to ‘do you’ to the fullest?

Here are a couple of quick tips to connect to the messages of your soul.

  1. Spend some time reflecting on what you have been aware of lately that you have been trying to override. You can do this by closing your eyes and asking what have you been ignoring. Or you could also write and see what comes through.
  2. Then ask yourself if you really didn’t give a hoot what anyone thought what would you do or be or explore?
  3. Then spend a few moments with the intention of connecting to your soul and allow your sensations.

You have so much more capacity available to you than you have been accessing. This is the case with most beings on the planet at this time. Being connected to these capacities, divine capacities, soul/body union capacities is what Divine Transmissions supports its clients in being and doing.

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