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Are you a Spiritual Leader in Hiding?

I know I was and that’s why over the last few years my business has really focused on supporting women spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, metaphysical practitioners, writers, soul-centered beings to prosperously share their purpose unencumbered by fear, shame, doubt or worry.
The reason I am so passionate about this is twofold. One because this has been my personal journey ~ shifting from absolute terror and shame around visibly sharing my gifts-to now doing so with confidence, joy and abundance. Plus, my soul’s journey, gifts and talents include being able to support others to resolve this problem
Two, I know too many talented and gifted spiritual light-workers, intuitives, healers that have an awesome contribution to share, yet are stopped by their fear, doubt, the collective unconscious and residual energetic past life patterns. Often times these spiritual women (and some men) are over-giving, under-earning and can’t afford to continue to offer their gifts. Holding back, hesitating, procrastinating, overwhelm, powerlessness are just a few of the faces this inner tension takes. Yet underneath it all is the deep longing to live the Divine Light you are by sharing your soul’s purpose fully.
Is this ringing any bells? Here is a laser Divine Transmission to free up some of the stored energy and power that is masquerading as fear so you can unbridle the leader in hiding that resides within you.

Divine Transmission: Radiate Your Inner Light & Leader
Dear Divine Being,
We the divine, (a band of divine consciousness/light beings) see you the Divine as perfect, whole and complete right now. We know with you and for you that it is your birthright to be you fully, to shine the light that is you brightly and to broadcast your inner power and purpose radiantly. As we are vibrating these words and you are reading them breathe deeply, breathe beyond the stored fear, the powerlessness, the overwhelm, breathe beyond the illusion that you
are separate from that which you seek. Breathe beyond any stagnant energy or core beliefs that there is something wrong with you, or that if you speak your mind you will hurt someone else or be in danger. Keep breathing until you reach that part of you that is so delicately hiding deep within all of these thoughts, feelings and behaviors until you are breathing into your inner leader, your core power, your Divine Light. This aspect of you that is your multi-dimensional unfolding. And as you breathe more consciously now ask yourself are you choosing to be the being that you came here to be? Are you choosing to unmask yourself and authentically share your essence with the world?
If so, feel the Divine within and without beginning to percolate, to bubble up from within and as it does it enlivens and enlightens any stored tension, fear, shame or doubt. It informs these slower vibrational energies of their wholeness and their inner capacity to evolve with you into your greater yet to be.
The time is now; you are calling forth your own inner leader into being. All is well. To complete this Divine Transmission focus on a color that you are drawn to in this moment and spend the next several minutes breathing this color into your body, mind, emotions and spirit. You are home. You are one. You are the shining light that you have been seeking.
With love and joy,

The Divine

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