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Archangel Michael’s Gift of Harmonic Resonance

This is Archangel Michael that is moving more to the forefront of this Divine Transmission. I am transmitting the consciousness of harmonic resonance. Are you choosing to receive this gift? Harmonic resonance is as it sounds, it is a vibration that is in harmony that is resonant. The purpose of the harmonic resonance transmission is to support you in coming to a place of congruence. Congruence with yourself, congruence with your life as it is right now and congruence with the next developmental stage of your souls evolution.

Those that are drawn to Divine Transmissions and the work that comes through Danielle have a divine mission that is in transition. Meaning that you are experiencing a transition in your mission, your purpose, your way of walking on this earth. This transition may be in the form of an inner change such as a deepening sense of self-love, purpose and confidence. And/or this transition may be in the form of an outer change such as a shift in purpose, finances, home or health. Inner shifts may be calling you to deepen your spiritual connection and become more conscious of the vibration that you are coming from as you are leading your life. Are you coming from your birthrights of bliss, of purpose, of abundance, of unity? Or are you coming from survival, fear, lack and shame? Or perhaps a mixture of the two?

Take a moment to breathe this vibration of harmonic resonance into your inner domain, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and your nervous system. You may imagine the harmonic resonance as a color that you pour into your body and your emotions. You may imagine that you are a turbulent lake with incoherent ripples from your negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and then as the transmission of harmonic resonance reaches you, you became a clear and still lake. You become the clear field of the mind. You may remember the child’s toy an etch-a-sketch where you have a screen with knobs on the bottom of it and you can draw patterns on the etch-a-sketch. Then when you want to erase the patterns and clear the screen you tilt it to the side and the old lines disappear. Imagine this harmonic resonance transmission like a cosmic etch-a-sketch and as you choose to say yes to it, your conscious choice tilts your incoherent energetic patterns and completes them back into the oneness into the wholeness. Leaving you in a state of congruence.

Now that your lake is still, decide what you want to add to it. What qualities do you want to be coming from? Do you want to be coming from your birthright of direct knowing and inner guidance? Do you want to be coming from your birthright of overflowing divinity and joy? Do you want to be coming from compassion and beauty? Take a few moments to decide the vibrations you want to be coming from and notice these qualities rising up from within the harmonic resonance energy. Like lily pads floating on the surface of the lake, like beautiful lotus flowers blooming in your resonant field. Allow this process to continue pouring in more and more harmonic resonance vibration.

Now shift your focus to your external transitions, your career, your home, your relationships, your health, wealth, and purpose. Pour more of this harmonic resonance onto the state of your external life. As you do, imagine that any incoherent patterns that are overlaid onto these areas of your life come to a place of completion, come to a place of integration; come to a place of harmony. Feel the natural wholeness of each area of your life now having the space to shine, now having the space to thrive, now having the space to change. At this point you may be saying good-bye to some of these areas of your life, or you may simply be upgrading them to their next level of mission. Take a few moments here to saturate your external environment with harmonic resonance, receiving, rejuvenation and remembering.

As this transmission is coming to a place of completion take some deep breaths and send appreciation to yourself, to your inner and outer world, to me, Archangel Michael and to Danielle the Divine Transmitter of this Divine Transmission. As you are ready take some time to gently stretch and breathe. Knowing that you have created a wonderful place to come from as you continue with this powerful time in your life and in your soul’s evolution. It is with great joy and appreciation that we complete the verbal aspect of this transmission yet know that it continues to unfold in the energetic planes in ways that are supportive and nurturing to you.

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