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Money Meridians

I went from spending money as fast as it would come in to saving money and being open to receive more pleasure.

In the past I would always spend money as fast or faster than it came in no matter how much I made. This pattern of over giving also showed up in my relationships by putting others needs in front of my own.

During the Money Meridans program I created a shift in my money and relationship flows and am now gifting to me as well as others and am more open to receiving pleasure. I am seeing myself differently and more clearly.

I feel much calmer now and have been taking solid steps in paying off bills and setting money aside to create a pool. I notice that I am being more deliberate in spending – less impulsive – yet still being okay with buying things that are important to me.

Plus, I have refined what is important to me in relationships. My business is attracting abundant solid clients and I am attracting the right people and opportunities. I have landed into a community of like-minded people, made new friends, I am taking better care of my body and am open to receive more pleasure sexually.

Plus listening to the audio’s helped me sleep well during a tumultuous time. I really enjoyed the program and the results I created.  Thank’s again!

Adele Goodwin
Alberta, CAN



I see a partnership with Money and I to assist Planet Earth and be of service to others

 Since the MM program I have felt a more conscious connection to Money; that Money wants a kinder, gentler, more joyful relationship with me and the world. I have been engaging Money in a more grateful manner and have started journaling and dialoguing with Money. I say thank you more often and stay in the question more and see what energy comes up. 
I have heard some of the themes presented before however this time they engaged me and went deeper; this time I “heard” the message. It has been very helpful to listen the recordings and the class calls. I have not had any magical cash flows show up or surprise winnings. This is ok – I have so appreciated Danielle’s mystical connection and the connection and support of the guides assisting us. I know there is an absolute higher purpose to all of this and that I was called to remember the Money Meridians at this time. I have redone the program and will continue to play with the Meridians to see what shows up and see what Money desires of me.
Danielle, I know things are shifting, evolving, percolating and I wanted to say THANK YOU for offering and sharing the Money Meridians with us. You are a wonderful teacher and I am grateful the universe guided me to you. I also wanted to say thank you to your team as well. They have been very helpful, kind and responsive. With gratitude and blessing to you! 


Chicago, IL


The sense of Inner Peace I have with money now is Priceless. Plus, I received more than $2000 in unexpected money in 30 Days!!!

When I received the invitation to vibe out if the Money Meridians program was for me, I felt a resounding YES. Quickly followed by worry, anxiety and fear of investing the money that I had earmarked for other expenses. Yet I followed my guidance to participate and within a few hours of registering I received my entire investment of a $1000 in unexpected money and within the 30-day program I received more than $2000 in “surprise” money.

Working daily with the physicality of the Money Meridians and the topic associated with them was super valuable for me. Providing a tangible yet energetic process to “clean up” and let go of the old and deepen into a new consciousness and way of being with money.
I went from feeling worried and anxious about money and that it was a have to, to feeling more secure, joyful and a sense of All is Well. Joy is more present and I feel a sense of wellbeing and detachment from outcomes unknown to me. Very cool.

Danielle I love your work and this awakening program. I know that my investment with you and in myself opened the door for me to RECEIVE!. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Inner Peace I embody and experience now is Priceless.

Monica Garaycoechea, M.D. of Doctor



I love this program. I love the concept of money being a vehicle for evolution, it is so clear. I also love the physical aspect and what each position relates to. I have come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in illusion. For example, that the idea of being not enough or unworthy is an illusion, even though I have been hearing it in various ways for years, was very hard for me to accept, as it seemed unquestionable and was a foundation of where I was coming from. Now I feel like all my perceptions have been shaken, like a snow globe. Sometimes I am able to come from this new perception and sometimes I feel like the understanding is just out of reach again, a little over my head. With it comes doubt etc but I can fairly quickly see that I need to come back to myself.” 

Jackie K,
Cambridge, Massachussettes



“I feel supported and well informed after a meeting that was initiated and prepared by my partner and some of our co-workers. We have gained clarity about how to precede strategically in the coming months and were able to make founded decisions based on the information we analysed. This all is happening around me, and I see it as a direct result of the Money Meridians. (I even found myself taking on some of the hand positions during the meeting too.) Thank You ALL!”

Tania S.,
Berlin Germany



Divine Light Activation

Divine Light Activation is a game-changer! It provides clear pathways for engaging with key Divine energies while simultaneously experiencing yourself as a Being of Light Incarnate. Divine Light Activation also re-calibrates your conscious relationship with the Divine. It positions you to be in a full-on Divine partnership as you create from your Visionary Heart in a way that truly feels eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, Divine-to-Divine.
My time in southern France was profound and amazing! Words cannot adequately describe ourexperiences together. It felt like an interdimensional fireworks display ofever-expanding spiritual evolution, inspiring sacred sites, alchemical mixing ofgreat travel companions, and an overflowing abundance of joyous laughter.
Danielle is a gracious hostess and an expert guide who skillfully leads groups through an international trip of epic proportions while seeing to the special needs of each individual team member.  
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Mary Elizabeth Anderson



During the Divine Light Activation I experienced new realities that I never thought possible in this lifetime. Not just learning but experiencing divine co creative activity with Thoth, other divine beings and my fellow incarnate divine beings was nothing short of magical. This magic extended to the accommodations and food. From the farm to the cave to the ruins I kept finding myself saying well that in itself was worth the trip. Caution: Magic and Laughter ahead. “


Multidimensional France

“Thank you for the wonderful transmissions, pictures, and videos during Multidimensional France.  They’ve helped me deeply. Today, I felt like I was sitting in this little chapel of Maria Magdalene with you and all the others. This really is for me.”

Judith Hartmann


Multidimensional France was an AMAZING journey for me. I’ve been following your work for a while, and when this opportunity presented itself, I had to take part—and it has not disappointed!!!!

I loved this “pilgrimage”, I felt taken away like never before and was totally bathed and immersed in LOVE and LIGHT. I cherished the daily journeys, and felt like I was totally there, having no doubt that I was really receiving the transmissions. They were so POWERFUL.
I now know I can be eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, Divine-to-Divine with these masters. I am so thankful to you, Thoth, and the Council of Light for creating this wonderful and beautiful opportunity.    In immense gratitude, “




“The tour of Multidimensional France has been expanding and unique! Reading the transcripts is like stepping into the places that Thoth and the Light Beings are speaking of. It’s feeling the place and seeing the essence of it with some visuals. I feel this cushion around me of the presence of the energies of the beings present for each journey and day. And as I read, I feel compelled to move through the motions of what I’m guided to do by what I am reading. Light illuminates my being from within and the light and love expands out of my being flowing out to fill the space I’m standing in. I feel I’m in another time and space, and when I’ve finished reading the transcript, it takes a minute or two to come back to this reality.

My mind still wonders at it all, yet within my being I know much has transpired and I’m changed. I feel it will over time seep more into my daily conscious mind awareness. I knew I was multidimensional before this trip. Now that word has more depth and meaning. Again, I’ve changed. My light and love bodies have expanded, and awakened with the new gifts which are growing and further grounding within my beingness. It’s deepened my knowing, and the possibilities and capabilities of what being and having multidimensional bodies is. It’s been a beautiful journey, and gift to interact with and receive at these sacred places in France. I know I will revisit this journey through rereading the transcripts again. Thank you so much! “

Irene Thomas,



“From the moment I registered for Multidimensional France, I felt the very tangible and powerful presence of Mary Magdalene beside me. I was also introduced to the Hathors and the Green Ray which were very unexpected experiences to me at the time, to have such a visceral connection. 

It was very clear I was going to France! Although I was here physically in Florida, I stayed strong in my vibration, remaining firmly grounded in peace and love.  I was even inspired to do my own channeling and writings throughout my process of activating and integrating the Love and Light Bodies. 

This experience has given me so much strength and faith in my multidimensional self. Multidimensional France blew away any doubts about the Divine support and the love we ALL have access to within our own selves at all times.”

Ana Estrada, Florida
Transformative Destinations