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Appreciation and Gratitude

With the spirit of Thanksgiving quickly approaching in the U.S., Danielleit seemed like a fun time to send my appreciation and gratitude your way.
Thank you for being a part of my universe, thank you for your interest in personal growth, elevating consciousness, and for the contribution you are in the world.
Please enjoy this special opportunity to accelerate your journey with Divine Transmissions’ products at a special savings of 15% (beginning today through Monday, November 28).
Below you will find a list of hand selected offerings to choose from. I especially love the Unity Consciousness Joy Camp (includes 5 days of energy support), the Money Muse Program and The Temples of Light Multi-Mystery School set (great gift for the holidays).

colorful-dividerDivine Gift:

Journey to the Temples of Light Meditation

Enjoy this Sacred Site Guided Meditation and take some time to APPRECIATE YOURSELF.

Meet Isis and Thoth and journey along the Nile in Egypt to your Temple of Light and join heaven and earth.

You can purchase the full Digital Download The Temples of Light Initiations set below and use coupon code THANKS16

Journey to the Temples of Light 

Joining Heaven and Earth (15:08)

Download Here

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LIMITED TIME OFFER ~ 15% Off Select Products

What would it feel like to receive more support? How would your life be enhanced by these phenomenal offerings?

Please enjoy this special opportunity to accelerate your journey with Divine Transmissions’ with selected products listed below at a special savings of 15% (beginning today through Monday, November 28). Applies to all new purchases made today of the following products (not good for previously purchased programs).


The Temples of Light Initiations 6 CD Set


20 Guided Initiations Music by Ani Williams, Ashana, Tom Brighton and Peter Sterling

This CD set guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples–a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles–love, purpose, money, and health–and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.   

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Multi-Sensory Mystery School Set

Optimize your experience through The Temples of Light by engaging all of your senses with this Egyptian Mystery School Set. Now you can take a sacred pilgrimage to Egypt’s sacred sites without leaving the comfort of your home.

This home based mystery school guides you through an initiatory journey through 13 of Egypt’s sacred sites. You set the pace that is right for you, perhaps connecting to one temple a month or a week. Engage all your senses including visual, kinesthetic and audio and embody the Heart Teachings shared by each temple. Read the chapter about the temple in the book and follow the suggested exercises, listen to the correlating guided meditations on CD and take the corresponding Temple essence internally.  

Includes: Book + 6 CD Box Set & 16 Temple Essences.  

List Price:     $168.95 US  Price:    $138.95 US 

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Money Muse CDs

The Money Muse
Three 70-minute MP3 recordings
A panel of Light Beings-guides you step by step into a new relationship with Money.

Essential aspects to your new relationship with money are:

  • Unleashing your purpose
  • Transcending illusions based in scarcity consciousness
  • Receiving out of the box support to anchor you in the new energies of money.  

Once you purchase this program you will immediately receive access to the MP3 recordings of this conversation to listen to at your convenience. Listen to a *FREE* 30-minute sample recording by clicking below…

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ucjc imageUnity Consciousness Joy-Camp:  
5 Days with the Masters Home Study Program with Mary Magdalene, The Council of Light, Isis, Thoth, and Infinite Oneness.

Our purpose in calling forth this gathering is to provide the energetic support, practical tools and big reason WHYs for you to step firmly into Unity Consciousness. Rather than calling this gathering a boot camp, as it does have the same level of intensity and discipline, we are calling it a joy camp. For it is through the portal of joy that you align with unity.

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video sample pkgConsciousness on Demand  Video Sessions Series

Each 5+ minute video session* includes powerful Divine Transmissions direct from Source to you.

Choose your favorite topics or purchase the entire series of 8 and become the Space where Grace, Potency, Money, Magic, Possibility, Divinity, Joy and Clarity Reside.
Receive a *FREE* Space of Grace Video…


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