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An Invitation to Partner with Money

Money MeridiansMONEY is an energy and a frequency that is evolving. YOU are an energy and a frequency that is evolving. There is the potential for even greater evolution when you partner mindfully with money.

The Money Meridians system is such a partnering.

Did you know that there are 12 Money Meridians located in your body that awaken the consciousness necessary to be at choice with money?

Having choice with money is truly a gift. Your capacity to choose has been covered up by everything that has been overlaid and projected onto money. The Money Meridians system restores your true money choice.

Want to find out more about this innovative program?

Check out this guided meditation and get a taste of the infinite possibilities the Money Meridians system is and vibe out if it is for you.

Money Meridians Energetic Taster

Take a few deep breaths and ignite the energy of appreciation and gratitude in your heart. From this vibration imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature or connected to your Akashic Records. Take a few moments to arrive in this space and when you do have the awareness that you are met by the consciousness of the Money Meridians system. Take a moment to greet this consciousness eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, divine-to-divine.

From this place of empowered equality, tune into the 12 Money Meridians and allow your awareness to inform you. What do you perceive about this consciousness? What do you notice? Do you associate this consciousness with a certain color, feeling, quality…? What is the frequency of it? What is the possibility and potency of it? Spend a few moments receiving an energetic taster of this program. What is this energetic taster gifting to you? What can you receive from it in this moment? What remembering is it invoking? [Pause]

After you have spent a few minutes tuning into it on a purely energetic basis notice if you have the desire to explore it further? If so, remain in this meditative state and click here to watch the video and read more about it. Ask your intuitive knowing if this is what you have been looking for?

When you feel complete with this process take a few breaths and return your focus to your heart center and the energy of appreciation and gratitude.

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