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An Introduction into The Council of Light

COL 3d Book Cover smallerWe, The Council of Light, would like to introduce ourselves to you—a magnificent being of light. We are an intergalactic group of light beings whose purpose is to enhance joy and therefore health, wealth and happiness. We are connecting with those individuals who choose to ascend into a higher vibration of awareness, remembering the self as Divine. This remembering process is one in which the individual shifts in perspective to be aware that all is in the flow of well-being.

This journey of greater self-awareness is a vibratory journey, one in which you (if you choose) move into a higher vibration. Joy and specifically the Joy Ray is a vibration, a frequency. It is easy to think of joy as related to the emotion of joy, yet it is more than that. It is the wholeness of a vibration, which is natural to the human brilliant system. As you engage with the vibration of joy you are positioned to be in a place in which you can see the well-being that exists in each moment. You are able to be in the awareness of that which is good in each and every moment.

We have divinely transmitted a beautiful book with the assistance of Danielle Rama Hoffman called The Council of Light which includes consciousness and energy about how to make this journey of self-awareness.

Tools and Techniques Include:

  • Working with 11 Rays of Light. For example, the Emerald Ray, the You Ray supports you in being more of you, the Peace Ray creates an illusion free zone in which you can be connected to Unity Consciousness.
  • Beautiful awareness’ such as you do not have to wait for your external experiences to be perfect in order to be happy, you can be happy now.
  • Information about how to manifest the deepest desires of your soul.
  • How to form a direct relationship with us.
  • Powerful exercises and specific tools to enhance your health and finances.
  • Discussions about health, wealth and happiness and how shifting your energy and raising your vibration can change your everyday experiences.
  • Reminders of who you really are—an empowered creator being.
  • And More.

Surprisingly the shortest route to creating the life you want is actually to stop doing that which isn’t in alignment with your natural state. That is why we share energy techniques that you can apply in your every day life to shift overlays, projections, separations and limiting beliefs from your life and from who you really are. Thus, revealing the vastness of you, the wholeness of you, the joy of you.

How would it be to remember that all is well? How would it be to have a guidebook to illuminate your whole self? We look forward to sharing more joy wisdom with you in The Council of Light. We also offer monthly interactive Joy Pods in which you can receive energetic support and a complimentary program called Ask the Divine where you can ask any questions you may have right now. You can find out more at www.DivineTransmissions.com. We look forward to continuing this conversation about the universal truth of well-being existing in each moment and remembering your natural state of joy.  

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