Divine TransmissionsDivine TransmissionsDivine Transmissions

Guided Meditation to Amplify Your Soul’s Purpose
Excerpted from the book
The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman
Karnak—Inner Resonance:
Your journey leads you to the temple of Karnak where you will connect to your signature energy, your soul’s purpose. You’ll experience an amplification of your unique signature thread, your individual signature energy. Your origin is source, but your way of expressing source is as unique as your handwriting signature.

Embodying your signature energy and your soul’s purpose will allow you to have a very clear, defined structure for self-expression. It also will give you permission to accept all of who you are, including the parts you don’t necessarily like. This way you can access your birthright of being a Creator Being and tap into the potent energies of creation to actualize that which you are choosing at this time. Be sure to tune in when you are able to go as deep as you like and also have a few minutes of integration time after listening.  Enjoy!  

Journey to the Sacred Lake at Karnak Guided Meditation

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