Divine TransmissionsDivine TransmissionsDivine Transmissions

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. The subject of which is embodying your soul’s light and your divine essence. You have come to earth for a reason, one that is dormant within your cellular memory until you choose to awaken it fully. Now is a time that the full awakening of why you are here, not only the actions you take, yet the real essence behind why you have incarnated is available to be realized.
You are one of a kind, like a snowflake, only you can be you. Only you can realize that which resides within you. Only you can provide the vision for your life that you have within in a way that you can experience without.

Your signature energy, your essences is a key to unlocking what it is that you came here for. Truly embodying your uniqueness and your divine light will support you in all areas of your life. We have included in this newsletter many tools to support you to do just that. Enjoy the guided meditation journey to Sekhmet’s temple in Egypt to access your signature energy and The Be You Full Out video series.

Would you like more personalized support in realizing what you came here to be and do (your soul’s purpose, your Divine Light Mission)? You will also find below an invitation to partner with us for a 90-Day Environment to support you in living your Divine Light Mission. Find out more about EMBODY IT (IT=Your Divine Light Mission) here (intimate group of 5 people).


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