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Activation Codes to Unlock

MultidimensionalHello Dear One,

This is Thoth, the Intergalactic Council of Light, the Divine Light Activation Council of Light, Sanat Kumara, Mary Magdalene and Isis, among other Beings of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are delighted to be gathering for this Winter Solstice energetic opening. For it is a delightful energetic opening that is available on this day.
We are inviting you, if you choose, to take a few moments today and to be with yourself Divine 2 Divine. As you are with yourself Divine 2 Divine you are in the spaciousness of being in communion with yourself as a potent Creator Being. We are placing an energetic calibration throughout this newsletter that has various activation codes for you to unlock if they are yours to unlock.
These activation codes are being placed in this written transmission, in the video transmission below and the next Divine Light Activation, as well as a special invitation for the 1st 18 of you who register to join us for a complimentary zoom Cosmic Consciousness to start the New Year empowered and partnering with Source. See below for all of these sparks of light.
There is a lot of delightful energies available today on this Winter Solstice and in 2017. We are choosing to transmit a bit of those energies through this conversation right here and right now so that you have more of you available in your system as you move forward.
As we are completing this transmission we would invite you to Save the Date for our Divine Light Activation May 3-13, 2017. As you may know this program is limited to 5 individuals and sold out in 2016. So if you are feeling the green light to explore this further, we invite you to take inspired action right away. You can learn more here.
We are delighted to be in communion with you in this way. What are you choosing to be, do and have in 2017 and beyond? What if the vision that you carry is a key to a paradigm shift in consciousness, are you choosing to actualize it?
All is light and you are all,
Thoth, Intergalactic Council of Light, the Divine Light Activation Council of Light, Sanat Kumara, Mary Magdalene and Isis 
P.S. Looking for a powerful process and container to partner with Source, contribute to All That Is and could be and actualize being a Being of Light? Check out Divine Light Activation May in France. 

Wonder what we mean by Divine 2 Divine?
Check out this Video Empowerment with Thoth and
give yourself this energetic gift.

Join Thoth and the Council of Light Beings for an intimate, cosmic conversation, Divine 2 Divine. Start 2017 empowered and at choice. This dynamic energetic vortex is designed to facilitate your awareness to be coming from equanimity and partnering with and as Source.


This may be for YOU if…

  • You are choosing to move beyond the victim paradigm permanently
  • You are ready to be in an environment which empowers you to be Divine (extraordinary)
  • You know you have a contribution to the larger evolution in consciousness
  • You can show up to the call LIVE
Start the New Year Empowered & Partnering with and as Source 
WOW! We had such an AMAZING response
January 3, 2017 is FULL
Since there is a calling for so many, we are adding an additional date!
Thursday, January 5th
9:00—10:15AM Pacific Time
ACT NOW! This will only be available to the
1st 18 who meet the pre-requisites above and grab their spot.

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