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A Reunion of Souls-Egypt Tour Feb 16-Mar 2, 2011


Stonehenge Solstice

As we journey through life we have the joyous opportunity to connect with vital people/souls along the way. Synchronistic experiences seem to guide us to one another like a beacon of light guides a boat in from a storm. At this particular time there is quite a bit of reorganizing happening in order to be positioned ‘at the right place at the right time’. Have you noticed the people in your life and/or yourself shifting core aspects like work, home and relationships? Does it seem like more people are moving, or ending or beginning something important?

On the surface this can feel like being in limbo or in flux or on an accelerated ride down a river, but underneath there is a divine order and purpose to the shifting. We’ll get to that in a moment. You may also be noticing for yourself or others plans changing or being created at the last moment. For example, you may plan on going to an event and on your way there turn around because you aren’t feeling well. Or you may be spontaneously drawn to go to an event, that you previously had no intention of joining.

Perhaps another way to look at this is to imagine that we are a part of a cosmic deck of cards that is shuffling, trying to find those ‘perfect’ places, circumstances and people. If we trust the shuffling process and ultimately where we end up, there is a sense of being in the flow. Yet if we try to control or micromanage the process or orient ourselves from our immediate surroundings and to try to hang on to them, we may feel anxious or fearful during this time of shuffling.

Part of what is underneath all of this moving around can be referred to as a ‘Reunion of Souls’. We have agreements with one another to meet up at certain places for certain reasons. Soul groups are forming to assist in the transition of consciousness as we evolve into a more integrated and non-dualistic ways of being. These groups are happening in person and also on the spirit and energetic levels. For example, we are forming etheric soul groups when we read a book that others have also read. 

This process of shuffling in the now moment can feel a bit disorienting and perhaps is one reason why people have been feeling a bit out of sorts the last few months in particular. This dynamic tension of transformation may have manifested for you as feelings of depression, confusion, fatigue or a challenging situation like a health issue or a relationship or job ending.

Here are some tips to help navigate this process of becoming.

  1. Pay attention-if you are feeling unfulfilled in any area of your life, take the time to explore it. Or if you are feeling called to go on a trip, meet someone or follow a dream-do it.
  2. Go with the flow-allow the shuffling to happen without holding on to the moving targets that are not a part of your ‘final’ position in the deck.

3. Enjoy each now moment and be present to all the gifts it has to offer. Life is the journey not the destination.

  1. Be you~identify and live your authentic self.

The contributions we each have to give and the experiences that bring us joy are an invaluable gift to the universal expansion at this time. For me, one of my top 5 most amazing experiences in life is sacred travel to Egypt. Every time I go I have the time of my life, and come back expressing more of who I truly am. I would like to invite you to explore if you are feeling called to join our February 16-March 2, 2011 Unity in Egypt Tour: A Pilgrimage for the Soul. (go to www.egyptiscalling.com for more info) Dr. Marj Britt, Senior Minister of the new thought church Unity of Tustin is joining my beloved husband Friedemann and me for this journey of a lifetime. When we first were visioning this journey Marj coined the term ‘A Reunion of Souls’. Intuiting that this journey in particular would be a reunion of those who have been together before for the particular purpose of supporting the shift into living from the open heart, from the Soul. Are you a part of this Soul Group? Please contact us right away if you are feeling the call to join us since this trip will fill up quickly.

 I look forward to the future now moments where our paths continue to cross and the cosmic deck shuffles us into glorious patterns and unique experiences.

With sacred heart blessings,


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