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A Peek at Danielle’s Egypt Journal

Day 2: Sunrise Between the Paws of the Sphinx

Today our group is connecting to Anubis, the jackal-headed god who opens the way and is the guardian of lost and abandoned parts of ourselves. The magic of the sacred place is sparking all around us and I am overflowing with energy and transmitting consciousness. The preciousness of each person walking up to the Sphinx and offering their intention for the journey is powerful and profound. My beloved, standing in for Anubis, guides our group in a walking meditation around the Sphinx to connect to their future selves. While the group is walking I lay down on the ground and gaze up at the face, the chin, the heart of the Sphinx. The Earth below me is pulsating with light, the sky above is blue and magnificent. I am transported to an ancient time. When the group arrives back and I open my eyes to gaze upon my beloved husband’s face, I see the face of Anubis staring back at me. I see that he has embraced his future self and will be priesting to help others to open the way back to their hearts.

Day 3: Sakkara, The Pyramid Texts, and The Egyptian Boy Scouts

Today is a gathering of millions at Tahir Square. Our group is deeply touched to be in Egypt during this time of great transition and know that we are here supporting the shift with love and grace. After our ceremony and visit of Sakkara we walk out on the path of the initiate from Unas’ pyramid under a covered walkway with only a slit of light coming through. We stop to send our blessings to the Egyptians on this day. After each person has spoken their blessing for Egypt and the future of the Egyptian people, we open our eyes to behold a most magnificent sight. A group of Egyptian Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts walk in-between our group, smiling and saying hello. The next generation of Egypt walking through the energy that our group had co-created is one of those magical experiences that couldn’t have been planned any better if we tried.

Day 4: Sekhmet

Nine years ago my beloved asked me to marry him in the chapel of Sekhmet (the lioness goddess of courage, compassion, and healing). Returning to this place is always special to me. As the group stood in front of the living statue of Sekhmet she asked us to ante-up by offering her our pain, suffering, fear, grief, self-deprecation. These slower vibrational energies are the currency, the fuel we were being asked to offer up in order to step into our next level of consciousness and becoming. When she sensed some of us were holding back, she reminded us that it was our choice, yet it was highly recommended that we were “all in.” Having offered our stuff into the solar feminine fire, we received a divine feminine download. Then the group emptied the chamber and was invited back in one at a time, after receiving a hands-on activation from me as the embodiment of Sekhmet. Tears, laughter, acceptance….the group was deeply touched by our time with Sekhmet. For me personally, I offered up anything that I was holding on to that was preventing me from fully stepping into my divine design, my purpose and presence full-on. The time with Sekhmet was completed with Friedemann and I going up to her together and, without any pre-planning or verbal communication, we each renewed our marriage vows and created the next phase of our sacred union. After the ceremony when we told one another what had happened, it felt so divine and delicious to be so in-sync.

Our evening visit to Luxor temple was another beautiful manifestation of the group as we had it basically to ourselves.

Day 5: Abydos and Dendera

I am always amazed at the innocence I bring to my intention-setting, I feel the next step rising within me and I declare and claim it, like the declaration I created at Sekhmet’s chapel of aligning fully with my divine purpose and permanently completing any residue that was no longer serving. Then as more is revealed I go, “Ohhhhh, now I see the ripple effects of that intention. Holy moly what was I thinking (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).” At Abydos, one of the most exquisite temples in Egypt, mainly associated with Osiris and the flower of life, I found myself balling in the middle of a ceremony where we were guiding the group back to before their first incarnation and working with past lives. For me, I had stumbled upon a lifetime in which I had completely renounced God (the Divine). This was the root of the push/pull I have been feeling for the past decades around my purpose. I am fully committed to living my purpose and have been on track since a young age in this lifetime. Yet I have experience deep levels of shame, terror, doubt, and fear along the way and a bit of hesitation or holding back. What I have wanted most in this lifetime is to share that divine purpose (which is to support others to realize their divinity and wholeness) and what has scared me the most and brought up the most resistance is exactly this. Resolving this lifetime of cutting myself off from my divinity created an incredible shift within and without.

Our group continued on to Dendera, the temple of Hathor, goddess of joy, bliss, love, sensuality. We began our ceremony in Nut’s (the sky goddess, the milky way) chapel where I had the distinct pleasure of embodying the Hathors and toning which turned into laughing, which turned into group giggling. So much fun. Our ceremony continued in the mirror reflection of Nut’s chapel which is a Hathor/Isis chapel, when it was time to invoke the energies of the place I opened it up to the group as we are all gathering together as leaders and masters. One of the group members opened the space and brought in such a beautiful and profound energy of divine love. Once in the vibration of love we then proceeded to blow any residual habits of fear into balloons that we played with in the chapel and filled with love to transmute the energy. To physicalize this transmutation we popped the balloons. After the ceremony completed I spent some time in the healing temple with one of my favorite reliefs of Toth in Egypt. It is not the most beautiful one or colorful one, yet to me it is the most alive. As I stood in front of the relief, I received an incredible download, a body of work that is so exciting, powerful and magnificent that I can’t wait to share it. (About six years’ worth of teachings streamed – the beauty of a day in Egypt).

Day 6: West Bank

We began our morning at the temple of Hatchepsut built for the only female king in Egypt. Today we are working with the energy of Ma’at, divine order, truth and balance (represented by the scales of Ma’at in the weighing of the heart ceremony). Today are the elections in Luxor, the first election for the Egyptians in 30 years, what a beautiful and special day to be in Egypt. We began our ceremony at Anubis’s chapel offering more prayers for Egypt to return to Ma’at, right relationship for her people as well as to embrace Ma’at within ourselves. We continued in Hathor’s chapel chanting a healing chant and visualizing Egypt, the world and ourselves in harmonic resonance. We continued our journey to another temple to work with our DNA, genetics and ancestral lineage. During this ceremony it became abundantly clear to me that one of the hallmarks of the shift in consciousness is to shift from resolving the ancestral lineage to embracing the soul/divine lineage.

Then we went to the Valley of the Kings. Throughout our time in Egypt the decline in tourism has been apparent and how challenging that is for the Egyptian people to be cut off from their primary work and income. From having thousands of people visiting the Valley of the Kings there are only 100’s. So the number of Egyptians selling postcards, books, scarves etc. to the number of tourists has shifted dramatically. Where before there was one person selling their wares to 100’s of tourists now there is 10 Egyptians selling stuff to every one tourist. This day especially made it so clear to me how important it is that we are here, and that we let others know how safe and wonderful it is to be here. That buying something for a dollar for us makes a huge difference for them.

Day 7:

Sailing on the temple of the Nile is always a rejuvenating and glorious experience. The group is sharing such a deep experience with one another, it is clear that this group of souls has gathered for a sacred purpose. As this is my tenth trip in Egypt and the country is in transition and the world is in transition, it feels as if the energies of the temples are changing. That being here during this time is like a wild card we each can go in and access that which is uniquely beneficial for us before the next level of consciousness is set for the temples and the template of the universe. Each person in our group is like a key that unlocks the next level of consciousness. It feels as if now we are about to begin the next spiral of ascension consciousness. I am joyously looking forward to our continued journey together. What a blessing.

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