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A Journey for Your Soul

MultidimensionalHello dear one, it is I Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are delighted to be inter-dimensionally communicating with you through this transmission. We invite you to tune into the energy in and through and around the words as this transmission is scribed Multidimensional Being to Multidimensional Being.
   As the Earth Star continues to shift in her evolutionary process, you are also undergoing rapid choice points for your own evolution. These choice points seem to be coming and going in an accelerated rate for the liberation of choosing instantaneously. As this conversation about you as a Multidimensional Being and Being Multidimensional continues we would speak a bit more about what it is that we are pointing to with accelerated choice points. As you have been continuing on your journey of evolution it is one that may seem as if you reach a place where you bump up against a ceiling of time, energy, or capacity. This can feel as if your current reality is stretching you beyond the capacity you have to keep up with it. You may call this overwhelm, or respond to it by either going into hyper-doing mode or disconnecting and disengaging and avoiding what you may be called to be, do and have.
  This every day example is a call to move into your Multidimensional Being. For as you are a Multidimensional Being you can utilize a wider bandwidth of energy and frequency to move throughout your incarnation on the Earth Star. As a Multidimensional Being you are not limited by time and space. You are not limited by only what you can process on a physical, emotional or mental level. For you are actually vibrating as Source consciousness and as such have access to a bandwidth of infinite possibilities that then serve you from the level of wholeness. As you move out of fragmenting yourself, or what we like to call separation consciousness, into Multidimensional Being or Divine wholeness then you can be vibrating with the totality of you.
  Some speak of this as shifting from 3-D living to 5-D living. We like to speak of this as including all the dimensional access points back into wholeness. This way you are operating simultaneously in the 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th….33rd dimension and beyond depending on your optimal Multidimensional Beingness. As we speak about accelerated choice points what we are referring to is the evolution from logical construction of reality based on pros and cons for example, to moving at the speed of light in a vibrational awareness of what is yours to be, do and have. If you deliberate (which is still an option) around a choice then it may be that the choice that was originally accessed is no longer the same as the one that you are contemplating. Another way of expressing this is that you stop sorting your life experiences by what you don’t want to have or what you are pushing away and start sorting your life experiences based on what is relevant to your Multidimensional Being.
  We are coming towards a place of completion with this transmission and we would invite you to, if you are called, read it again and this time to read it out loud. As you complete the second round of this transmission invite your inner compass to be set from the true north of your Multidimensional Being if that is a choice point you are choosing. We are delighted to be interacting with you this way through Divine Transmissions. We are placing Multidimensional France, a journey for your Multidimensional Being on the altar of the 50-Yard line for you to vibe out. This journey is such that we will be engaging on the multidimensional planes and is a launching pad to living from the illuminated love and light bodies. Perhaps it is not yours, to be and do and have at this time and perhaps it is exactly what you have been calling into being to expand your multidimensional communication capacities.
All is well and you are all,
Thoth and the Council of Light

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