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A Download of Epic Proportions

I have a big announcement to share with you that has been in the works since November 2011. At which time I was in Egypt at the Temple of Dendera, standing in front of one of my favorite reliefs of Thoth when I received a download of epic proportions.

The gist of this vision included accessing about 10 years of innovative wisdoms on different energetic, metaphysical and consciousness subjects that would be shared in a college type format and be staffed by a faculty of Ascended Masters including Thoth.

At which time I entered into a sacred ceremony with Thoth in which I deepened my commitment to our Divine Partnership and rededicated myself to my soul’s purpose as a bringer forth of innovative wisdoms.

That night I got the first installment of this work, which was a Year and a Day apprenticeship with Thoth, which was offered as a high level private program (1:1) in 2012. A part of which included a daily written transmission from Thoth that resulted in 6 manuals on all subjects “Thothy”: Akashic Records, the Scribe, Architecture, Alignment (healing), Merchant Priestess and Magic and turbo spiritual and personal growth that I know we both will never forget.

In 2013, I continued to feel myself being positioned into a new level of consciousness through the publication of The Council of Light and my personal inner journey (which included some pretty intense moments of separation consciousness and a deep level of unconditional freedom that comes from shedding outdated identities). Then on January 3rd, 2014 I was woken from sleep and received another installment of Thoth’s Magic Academy: A Year and a Day video program.

I was up for 3 or 4 hours my with my whole body vibrating with excitement and the beauty of what was to come. I could see how powerful this daily video format with Thoth and Ascended Masters is going to be. That it is a chance for those that participate to be adding something to their lives, to be in a consistent and daily conversation with the Divine about Unity Consciousness. The purpose of which is to be who you are full out anchored in Unity Consciousness.

With these words, I am putting out the call to those of you who have been asking for this and that you find and recognize it with ease and grace. Some of you have been walking this path with me for more than a decade and some of you have just met me recently, yet regardless of the time we have known each other in this lifetime I invite you to tune into this offering and see if it is what you have left for yourself to find at this time.

  • Are you choosing to deepen your commitment to your soul’s purpose and your connection to consciousness, to Source?
  • Are you ready to have 2014 be the year that changes the rest of your life?

I invite you to tune into Thoth’s Magic Academy to find out if it is yours to be, do and have.

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