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Your 8th Dimensional Attunement and Creation Practice

This is Thoth with the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. As we are ½ way through January 2018 the energies have already evolved. That will be one of the signatures of 2018 is that the energies will rapidly evolve. Which is another reason why this year is ripe to circumvent jumping hoops to get to where you want to be and to simply and directly be where you choose.

             As such, we are including below a new January Energy trends video and the replay of our standing room only 2018 Energy Trends video seminar. Be sure to check out the summary of the 8th dimensional creation practice below so that you can use to actualize your desires in 2018 and beyond.


Thoth and the Council of Light

P.S. We have a super exciting project in the works and we are looking for amazing channels to co-create with. Besides us, do you work with any other channels? If so, please send us a quick email [team@divinetransmissions.com] with their name and website.


2018 Energy Trends Seminar with Thoth and The Council of Light

Tune in and access some important keys for riding the intense potency waves in 2018. Includes themes for the year and an 8th dimensional attunement that you can use as a creation practice.


8th Dimensional Attunement and Creation Practice:

Walk into 2018 as an 8th Dimensional Being (more of your Divine capacities turned on) and use this 8th dimensional practice to create your desires into form.

Summary: Dimension, Theme and Guide to support that dimension

What are you choosing to create in 2018? Be sure to include the internal state of being and the external actualization. Once you are clear tune into each dimension while focusing on the chakras in your body (adding in the 8th chakra above your head) and calling up the energies associated with each dimension and the guides that are available to support that dimension.

1st Dimension (Infinite Possibilities)- TA (Hathor and Venus Energy)

2nd Dimension (Units of Creation)-Sanat Kumara

3rd Dimension (DESIRE)- Shekinah, Pi, Gaia, Divine Mother Goddesses, Manna

4th Dimension- (Divine Light Mission) Path of the Venus Light Beings

5th Dimension- (Eternal Time and Space) Lords of Time

6th Dimension- (Rainbow Ray-Wholeness) Council of Light

7th Dimension (Expression of Light, Color) Seshat

8th Dimension (Freedom) Infinite Oneness

New January Energy Trends Video

Quick Question: Your Favorite Channels

We are bringing together a council of high level and adept channels for a very special project we’ll be sharing more about in March.

Do you work with or know any channels that you would recommend?

If so, please send a quick email with their name and website to team@divinetransmissions.com

We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to get to know them and their work.


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