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6 steps to Ignite Your Prosperous Soul

The Prosperous Soul Program registration opens TODAY – Yahooooo!  (with a special opportunity for just 3 people). I wanted to share more about the 6 steps that are the heart and soul of the program in the article below

6 steps to Ignite Your Prosperous Soul

Do you believe in the law of attraction, yet aren’t experiencing abundance in your life? Are you longing to feel more fulfilled through sharing your service-oriented purpose?

This is an incredible time on the earth plane, one that lends itself to being of greater service prosperously. To be able to live a fulfilled life anchored in the divine and access your fully realized self. What is unique about this time is that the infinite possibilities are becoming probabilities. Meaning that what you believe in your heart, in your spiritual understanding is flowing into physicality in a dynamic way.

Yet the path to success and fulfillment is revealing itself in innovative ways and is built upon the bricks of universal truths. What used to work isn’t working any longer. So what steps can you take to move into greater alignment in the new paradigm? The below 6 steps create a formula to Ignite Your Prosperous Soul, which you can apply to your daily life and your spiritual business.

1. Align with the Divine, Joy and Unity Consciousness

Are you currently focusing more on what you want (love, money, purpose, home, career) more than where you want it from? Step one invites you to align with the divine first, to come from joy, to get in the flow of unity consciousness and to pay close attention to the vibration you are coming from. When you take the time to do this the universe unfolds before you like a red carpet, bringing to you the perfect, people, places and things. If you aren’t sure where you are coming from just use this simple litmus test: if it feels hard, if you feel negative, if you are struggling~you are out of alignment with your divine nature~just stop and take some deep breaths and think of something that brings you joy, align and when you feel better move into action. The illusion step one pierces through is that action is what creates your success, where what really creates your success is aligning with the flow of well-being and your source.

2. Soul’s Purpose, Gifts and Talents

It used to be (especially for spiritual beings) that it felt more ‘comfortable and safe’ to play small, to hide out, to play down your gifts and talents. Now the veils are lifted and full alignment with your essence, with your unique energy, your unique gifts and talents is an essential key to living a fulfilled life. To be clear here we aren’t speaking about your career necessarily, we are more speaking about showing up authentically and sharing who you are fully. This is the number one key to moving into the new paradigm with ease and grace and believe it or not to your financial wellbeing. Shining your light brightly is broadcasting your address to the energy of money so it can find you.

3. Money Muse & Financial Abundance

In the old paradigm the purpose of money was aligned with separation, fear, lack, power over so was not an energy that many spiritual beings wanted to participate in. In the new prosperity paradigm, money is aligned with unity, love, wholeness. The purpose of money is to champion your purpose. The new frequencies of money are in greater resonance with spiritual beings so there is a massive opening for you to be a wellspring of this energy. Money is an essential key to ushering in the new paradigm. Allow yourself to create a fresh relationship with money, as if you are just meeting for the first time.

4. Intuition/Divine Guidance

All of the 6 steps are birthrights, meaning they are givens, you don’t have to do anything to earn them, it is simply a remembering a recalibration process. Lack of clarity and direction is one of the most painful life situations, when you feel confused and in doubt it is as if you are sitting in the wedge of separation from yourself. Choosing to ignite your intuition and live a guidance base lifestyle is a permanent state of being in the flow. You know what your next steps are, where you are going, when to rest etc. The heart of my success in business is my connection to divine guidance. There are so many things you can do in your life, yet tuning into which of those are best for you creates a laser like clarity that is awesome.

5. Opening the Way

Do you have the foundation, the structure, and the framework to support your Prosperous Soul? Do you have a practice of deliberately creating your day, how you will feel, what types of experiences you will have? When you Open the way consciously, from the energy of Unity consciousness and joy, your life unfolds with ease and grace. Remember you are already a Prosperous Soul infused with purpose; it is simply opening the way to access it fully.

6. Inspired Action

Having aligned in the previous 5 steps now it is time to take inspired action. This action is imbued with consciousness, it is infused with purpose, it is the most direct route to experiencing joy. Remember it is not your action that creates success, it is your alignment, and inspired action is simply an opportunity for divine play, to move out into the world for the joy of it.

To find out more about the Prosperous Soul Program and register click here.

To you living the life you imagined!

In service and with joy,

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