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Instinctual Bliss

Excerpted from the book The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart-Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools by Danielle Rama Hoffman.


The information in this chapter is extraordinarily important. To really know that you are able to naturally come from a place of joy, that it is automatic and instinctual, is an incredible opportunity. It is called instinctual bliss for a reason, because when something is instinctual you don’t think about it, don’t process it, and don’t create a list; it’s just an impulse that brings you to joy.

Think of yourself as an instinctual bliss being, automatically drawn to what is going to bring you the most joy in each and every moment. There are many perspectives that you could have in one moment, and as you train yourself to allow your instinctual nature to bring forward the joy that is available to you, it will have a quantum and exponential impact on your life. And the happier and more joyful you are, the more you will find joy and bliss and happiness all around. All those things that bring you joy will naturally come into your life, and you will exist in an entirely different dimensional plane. Therefore, you may find that things in your internal and external life change. You may find that you have new friends or that you spend less time with old friends. When you are with your friends or family, conversations and focus begin to be more about joy and bliss then previously.

It isn’t a matter of releasing what doesn’t serve you, because everything serves you; rather it is moving into a higher vibration and dimension where that which you would prefer not to have does not exist. It isn’t a vibratory match; it can’t align with the higher frequency. Fear vibrates at a much lower, or slower, frequency than bliss or joy. If you are one hundred percent entrained to bliss and coming from instinctual bliss, it is impossible to exist in the same time-space continuum as fear. You may even be in an environment or physical location where there is some energy of fear, but in your different vibratory place, that is not even in your awareness.

You are moving up an ascension spiral to a heightened sense of wellness, and aligning your inner temple with your divinity, your joy, your wholeness, your awakening, and your enlightenment. If you think about these next temples as a step-by-step process on that path, Dendera, the first step, has given you a big boost up this ascension spiral. Use these
next chapters as a process to manifest and create the life you desire, to access your purpose, your joy, and your inner temple. The first step is to align 100 percent with joy and bliss.

Although this is quite a first step, it is natural, automatic, and doesn’t require effort, thought, or processing; it is simply an experience. You can bring joy into any moment by doing something that brings joy to your body. If you enjoy having your feet rubbed and you want to align with joy, then rub your feet. If it brings you joy to eat something  onderful, eat something wonderful. Because it is instinctual, it is natural for you to align with joy and bliss. You can gently rub your face, stroke your hair, or drink a warm cup of tea; take a bath, go for a walk, or smile. There are so many activities that can align you with bliss.

Written Exercise-Make a Joy List

Start creating a joy list. Write “Joy List” on the top of the page, and underneath that, “What Brings Me Joy.”  Now create a list of activities and experiences you would like to try, or that you think would bring you joy. Once you have compiled your joy list, contemplate which joy activity you would be willing to do within the next two days, two weeks, two months, and two years. Identify a joy activity for each of those time periods and make a commitment to do them.

It is important to consciously develop your ability to find joy and bliss. What do you imagine would bring you joy? Maybe you’ve always wanted to have a pedicure, or you think you might like to take an art class, or have a personal chef come to your home to prepare a meal for you. Think of whatever will bring you joy, and write these things down. It is important that creating this list—and it doesn’t have to be all in one sitting—actually enhances your joy rather than brings out the fact that you are not having that experience. If this is not a joyful process, put it down and come back to it another day. Your joy list is like daydreaming; you’re dreaming your joy into being. You can also keep a journal and write down moments or the experiences in which you felt joy during your day. There is joy in every moment; it is just a matter of finding and tapping into it.

Continue adding to your joy list of things that align you with bliss or ecstasy, and if you find yourself feeling as if you are not aligned with joy, pull out this list and do any number of these simple activities that will realign you with joy and bliss.

It is inaccurate to say that one of these temple tablets is more important than another, because they are all equally important and equally called forth by you. Yet if there were one that could dramatically change your life, it is this one. Whatever you can do to focus on joy in each and every moment is your purpose, your most important focus. From there you begin to live from joy and gravitate toward joy and become aligned with the natural flow of your well-being. You desire certain results or things because you think they are going to make you happy or bring you joy.  As you align with the joy within you, you begin to attract more joy. When you are living your purpose to be joyful, you feel good, you feel happy, and things are flowing.





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