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3 Ways to Exercise Your Consciousness

Enjoy this Unity Consciousness Tip: 3 Ways to Exercise Your Consciousness

Does this describe you? You’re someone who is dedicated to evolving your consciousness. Your personal and spiritual growth is important to you and you have made a lot of progress in these areas. In fact, compared to the average person your awareness of energy, consciousness, meditation, intuition and all things related to Source is super developed. Yet you long for more. You have a fierce longing to know the Divine within and without. You are aware that your internal awareness/vibration is key to your external reality. And you have some patterns and habits that thwart your efforts to evolve your consciousness.

Actually, evolving your consciousness isn’t much different from becoming more physically fit, which requires a change in habits and exercising the body. Evolving your consciousness is an active process that you engage with from the inside out. Just like your body, your consciousness also greatly benefits from attention and exercise. Yet unlike physical exercise evolving your consciousness doesn’t have to be incremental, it can be exponential or quantum. Meaning when you focus on one thing, like mastering your inner awareness and vibration it touches the rest of your life and creates quantum evolution.

Here are 3 ways you can exercise your consciousness:

  1. Devotion: Set aside time daily to attend to your consciousness. This can be reading books, meditating or tuning into high vibrational videos or audios.
  2. Awareness: Study your patterns of separation consciousness from a place of curiosity. Become so aware of how you separate from yourself and Source that you can recognize your patterns before they even surface. Then you can make a different choice.
  3. Evolution: Consciously evolve your consciousness by choosing new ways of being and doing. A true paradigm shift happens when you open yourself up to your inner knowing and allow that knowing to guide you into new ways of being.

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