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3 Tips to Transcend Worry

unity consciousnessThis is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The subject of which is moving out of separation consciousness (fear, lack, worry) and living from Unity Consciousness (joy, love, abundance). You are invited to join us for a free advanced transmission into Unity Consciousness tomorrow.
     In the meantime, we would expand April’s energy trend of creating infrastructures to actualize what it is that means the most to you by speaking about the old infrastructures of fear, doubt and worry. You may have pathways that are imbedded in your subconscious communication sparks that tend to call you back into old patterns even after you have outgrown them.
     In particular, we would speak about worry, for we know that worry can take many forms. It can take the form of hyper-vigilance, where you are on high alert in your nervous system, so may find it challenging to really relax. It may take on the form of over-thinking, where you are spinning your wheels with a very loud inner dialogue that is looking for what is wrong. Or you may have your particular flavor of worry where whenever you contemplate a certain subject like money, health, or relationships you have the slower vibration of worry come to the surface.
Here are a few quick tips to shift out of worry and into wholeness.
  1. When you notice you are in an energy loop of worry then bring your attention consciously to something else. This may mean taking some conscious breaths, standing up and doing 5 jumping jacks or clapping your hands. This one requires an equal amount of energy in a new direction to shift it. So you may find that something like a short burst of movement may work the best.

  2. Make a choice to unplug from separation consciousness and tribal consciousness. (More about this in tomorrows call).
  3. Amplify your internal vibration so that it expands and you are standing in your potency.

We know that there is quite an amplification of separation consciousness at this time, which is a beautiful opportunity to expand into oneness into wholeness. We look forward to continuing to interact with you multidimensionally as you are called. 

Here are 3 AMAZING opportunities to take a deep dive into Unity Consciousness. Free Advanced Unity Consciousness call tomorrow. A Weekend with Thoth and Friends and Thoth’s Magic Academy:Year and a Day video Course.
What if the illusion of separation was completely shifted in your life and you were focusing on your brilliance? What else would you be thinking about, doing or exploring?

Advanced (Re)-Introduction to Thoth and Unity Consciousness Initiation

April 28, 8am-9:15am Pacific

Spring Quarter at Divine Transmissions is a triple scoop of Thoth and Unity Consciousness yumminess. To support you in accessing your own inner Thoth (infinite wisdom) and to shift from separation consciousness (lack, fear and doubt) into Unity consciousness (love, unity and collaboration) we are offering this gift of an advanced re-introduction to Thoth and Unity Consciousness transmission. 

This two-part gift includes:

A 30-Minute Advanced Re-Introduction to Thoth Audio (Instant Access)


A 75-Minute Advanced Unity Consciousness Live Tele-Transmission
Friday, April 28 @ 8am-9:15am Pacific
Our last Cosmic Conversation surpassed the space we had available and some folks got locked out of the conference line. If you are feeling called to go deep with Thoth (Divine Knowledge within) and create pathways of Unity Consciousness we invite you to pick up your gift right away.


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