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DIVINE YOU: Unity Consciousness

5-Video Series

“There is more to be garnered from living in
Unity Consciousness (
joy, love, unity, abundance, purpose) than there is from
spending another moment in a repetitive pattern 
Survival Consciousness (fear, doubt, lack, illusion).”  ~ the Divine Council

This is a pivotal year in which (if you choose) you can liberate yourself from tribal consciousness and BE YOU FULL OUT. This is the year to take the biggest risk of your life to be you. Being the same as everyone around us won’t create the consciousness that is possible. That in fact the shift requires leaders, innovators, pioneers to radiate a new paradigm of being, to bring in consciousness that hasn’t been experienced before. What have you locked down inside of you that if you unlocked it would contribute to your life and the planet’s at this time?

"This Divine You experience has provided a wonderful space for me to finally be able to connect and communicate with those parts of myself that have been left stranded. Thank you Danielle for bringing to my attention a whole new way of communicating that goes beyond words. Lately, I have been able to create a space where I can step up and support my unhealed feelings when they arise and this has enabled those parts of myself to be able to connect without having to try to explain how they feel in words. Maybe I'm trying to heal those very first hurt feelings that arose prior to the ability to speak so my focus and intention will now be to expand my current understanding of communication."
Have you experienced any of these tribal consciousness patterns? 
  • Giving away your power
  • Caring more about what other people think or want than what is best for you
  • Playing small, hiding out, hesitating, pulling back
  • Fear of going for what you want because you might be ostracized, killed, disappear, be all alone
  • Doubt, second guess yourself, lack of clarity
  • Want to do something different yet find yourself in the same situation over and over again
  • Having a competing commitment (inner conflict that what you want most is actually what brings up all your fears and doubts)
Do you ever feel? 
  • You are different than 99% of the people that you know
  • That because of the differences you see in yourself and those around you, you thought there must be something wrong with you
  • A gap between what you know to be true on an intuitive or spiritual level and the way that you operate or experience your reality
  • That you have done something wrong or you might do something wrong yet you can’t really put your finger on it
  • That if you do live your life for you others won’t like it
Are you ready to? 
  • Unplug from tribal consciousness so you can finally live your life as you and from you?
  • Dismantle that which isn’t uniquely you or yours so you can embrace your multi-dimensionality?
  • Access that which you have access to that up until now you haven’t been able to be or experience?

We are on a mission to support those of you that are asking to cross the threshold from holding back to showing up powerfully in the world for you and for the shift in consciousness. We are starting a “What would you do if you didn’t give a sh*t movement”, because that level of potency is what will liberate you from holding back.

Remember you can’t get here (Unity) from there (Separation), meaning that living in Unity Consciousness won’t be experienced from living in Separation, so whatever you are using as the reason to not be you full out is keeping you separate from you.

We are taking a strong stand for you to move beyond what is holding you back into the awareness of your wholeness, oneness and expansive nature.

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Embrace your Divine Body, choose wholeness and Divine connection


Shift any allergy or resistance to being all of you, including being extraordinary


Remember your capacity to create through energy and vibration


Be in communion with your higher self and your Divine helpers


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You’re committed to your personal and spiritual growth and have overcome many obstacles and challenges. Yet there are some areas of your life that no matter what you’ve tried—and you’ve tried many things—you haven’t created permanent changes. You experience some type of lack (not enough money, energy, clarity…) and may be stuck in a negative emotion or pattern (fear, anxiety, confusion…). You are ready to move beyond separation consciousness (lack) into Unity Consciousness and be Re-Sourced!

You’re purposeful, intuitive, empathic and have a unique contribution to share with the world. You are an author, entrepreneur, healer, visionary (or would like to be) or your mission is in transition (retiring, kids off to school…).  You have an inner calling to express what you came here for. You are ready to bring in a body of work (maybe it is a book, business, movie, program, art, CD, project…) and spend the rest of your life focused on what matters to you.

You’re extraordinary, a conscious being, a visionary, a leader & you’ve achieved & experienced amazing things. You’re already thriving (financially, spiritually, &/or professionally), yet you know that you’ve been holding back. You have a dream you haven’t realized yet, a state of consciousness you haven’t embodied, an Opus to download or a legacy to generate. You are ready to Awaken Your Divine Genius—your brilliances, your Divine Design, your fully realized self—for the fun of it.

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